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What Your Favorite Fragrance Says About You

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What Your Favorite Fragrance Says About You

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Spraying it is the new form of saying it!

Your favorite fragrance is an extension of your personality. And it speaks. Depending on the fragrance, some scream and some whisper, but all of them tell us a little bit about ourselves. So the next time you grab the first scent you see on your dresser, just ask yourself, is this the message I want to convey?

After all, a properly chosen fragrance can enhance your personal style or suffocate it.

Here is a list of some of the most popular perfume families — and what they say about you to others:

  • Woody fragrances:

In a company of warm, dry and distinctively sharp woodsy notes, these earthy scent aficionados feel grounded and utterly stylish.

The lovers of woody perfumes are realists and lovers of truth. With trendsetting attitude and a matching style, these are the people that prefer philosophy over trivia and wine over whining.

  • Citrus fragrances:

Always on the go. Laziness is a non existent word in the lives of people who are drawn to citrusy fresh perfumes.

Since living on the fast lane can take its toll, citrus fragrance lovers treat their fragrances as a form of aromatherapy, helping them to recharge energy and find just the morsel of will to plan the next big move.

  • Floral fragrances:

Feelings, nothing more than feelings. Floral crowds tend to be incurable romantics and believe in happy endings.

They sign their letters (yes, they do keep posting real greetings, preferably in pastel colors) with hearts and want to live in Paris in some point in their lives. Fashion is their real passion.

  • Fruity fragrances:

The heart of the party, these are the optimists who grab the world by the lapels and tell it a knock-knock joke.

There is not a dull moment in the lives of the fruity fragrance lovers. Vibrant and bubbly, you cannot help but smile when you think about them.

  • Spicy/oriental fragrances:

Intense, impulsive and a bit sensitive, these are people with artistic inclinations who live in their own world.

Original and creative, they are the reluctant leaders of style, with loads of charm and wit to spare.

  • Aquatic fragrances:

Balanced and nature-loving, the people who reach for the scented bottles dominated with fresh, aquatic notes are usually the ones who shy away from the urban jungles.

Their best friends are shelter-rescued pets and their idea of perfect holidays are remote islands with state-of-the-art library.

  • Gourmand fragrances:

These are ideal for the people who are capable of finding a reason for happiness even amidst the grayest of clouds. Loud, sexy and mysterious, the liberal sprayers of gourmand fragrances are outgoing and overtly confident.

These are the natural born leaders and probably have lots of friend requests on social media platforms.

Discrepancy in opinions

If you do not agree with the aforementioned statements, then maybe your perfume is speaking in some foreign language. And remember, fragrance can be easily taken off and replaced by another one!

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