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Floral Perfumes To Wear All Summer Long


Floral Perfumes To Wear All Summer Long

It’s nearly Summer, and by now, you’ve probably tried, tested, and finished all of the spring floral options in your scent lineup. That leaves only one option: To top up your flower power fragrance collection with new perfect-for-the-summer contenders. And what do you know, we’ve got them all in one place. On Scentbird and this blog post, too. 

Maison Sybarite Bed of Roses

Floral Perfumes Summer

The legend tells that Sybarites used to lay down on a bed of rose petals, but were unable to get to sleep because one of the petals was folded over. 

The facts say that this water-based, milky in appearance, clean scent blends a wealthy crop of different petals: saffron, rose, orris, and tolu, drenched in bergamot oil, and presents them in a clean, vegan, alcohol-free perfume that you can safely use all over your body. And your hair. 

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Badgley Mischka Sweet Bloom

Floral Perfumes Summer

Badgley Mischka is envisioning their latest fragrances as the culmination of delicate, timid femininity into pure, raw lust. This sentiment is portrayed through an introductory prologue of bergamot, sweet cassis, and pink freesia. As the plot thickens, the lush rose, soft peony, and blooming magnolia are making the air hot, heavy, and beautifully scented. The lust part? It comes at the end, thanks to driftwood, musks, and creamy sandalwood mix.

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Acqua di Parma Osmanthus

Floral Perfumes Summer

A spritz of Osmanthus will bring the sun on your skin, all through the power of this elusive namesake flower and its narcotic aroma. Paired with patchouli, pink pepper, and green mandarin, and you just know this will be your instant go-to mood-booster. 

Try it here:

Sisley Izia


The beautiful bottle houses just as beautiful a blend of notes: D’Ornano rose, peony, pink pepper, and amber, for a scent that feels undeniably chic. It’s French, it’s Sisley, and it’s sophisticated. Do we need to say more? In case the answer is yes, click here:

Try it here:

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