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5 Perfumes You Have to Try in August With Scentbird5 min read

07/28/2017 4 min read

5 Perfumes You Have to Try in August With Scentbird5 min read

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We are fast approaching the peak of summer, a season that calls for all new scents and flavors. Answer that call with the most intriguing, August-perfect scents, now available on Scentbird:

Blossom Love by Amouage

Lovers of cherry blossom, rejoice: Blossom Love by Amouage brings to life that rich, textured, varied yet elusive scent of cherry blossom with an exploding beauty on your skin. Wearing Blossom Love invites state of uninterrupted marvel, but even in this hypnotic state you can discern the craftsmanship of Amouage.

And while sumer is in full swing and this is a fragrance that leans on the powdery sweet side of the fragrance wheel, I feel like just a drop of it would be a perfect summer date night fragrance.  Blossom Love is a sweet floral “on the rocks” fragrance morphing into olfactive tool for massive enchantment. A must have for the modern sensualist. Bewitchingly lovely. Have you tried it yet?

Assam of India by Berdoues

Assam of India is a delightful, black tea with lemon scent that is both comforting and exotically spicy. 

The tea note is full, tannic and strong, perfectly complemented by the buoyancy of the pure lemon citrus. The tea and citrus combination is instantly addictive and inviting.

There’s a touch of Mysore sandalwood in the drydown that just makes Assam of India that much more delicious to wear. A drop of honeyed sweetness in all the dry, herbal zest.

Amour De CaCao by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

The scent of Amour De CaCao by Comptoir Sud Pacifique delivers that richly joyous, deeply sensual, life-affirming experience of biting through the soft center of the finest French praline.

Released in 1993, Amour De CaCao by Comptoir Sud Pacifique boldly proclaims that chocolate is the new sex. It is a classical olfactive confection of shimmering orange peel, carambola (starfruit), raw cocoa and warmly sensual vanilla base.

This reads like a seductive recipe for a treat, and that is what you get when you wear Amour de CaCao. There is the zestiness and energy of orange and star fruit.

Vanilla pods mischievously yet adorably unlock the sensuality of cocoa.

Memories De Mustique by EIGHT & BOB

Albert Fouquet’s olfactive swan song is a masterwork of haunting opulence and his ultimate creative legacy. Fouquet accomplished the seemingly impossible: he created EIGHT & BOB’s Memoires De Mustique, and by using only few notes he brought to life the beautiful landscape, colors, scents and forms of the island of Mustique.

Memoires De Mustique by EIGHT & BOB is an invitation, a free pass to this paradise at the heart of which is the pleasure of wearing any fragrance: to experience the utmost pleasure of being yourself. It is almost as if Fouquet saved this unisex fragrance for last, the cherry on top.

You Or Someone Like You by Etat Libre d`Orange

You or Someone Like YouYou Or Someone Like You is probably one of the freshest perfumes in the scented realm. Imagine a fragrance that like Don Quixote sets off to fight the invisible LA heat and wins. Chandler Burr wows to never list the raw ingredients and the notes, but they can be sensed, as one by one or like a gang of friends play hide and seek with your nose and your sense of smell.

You can sense the minty leaves, with sugary sprinkle reminiscent of mojito, not in sweet, sticky but fresh without a dash of dewy way. There is a never-ending freshness, in a unique way, where fresh is stripped off its boringly aquatic narrative. You can sense some woodsy notes laying low, covered in greenery. And then of course is the floral dimension, that is in constant motion and subtly amplifies its presence.

You or Someone Like You is a truly unique fragrance, with Etat’s definition of uniqueness underlying the whole composition.


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