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Monday Survival Scent: Oscar Flor by Oscar De La Renta

Oscar Flor1

Monday Survival Scent: Oscar Flor by Oscar De La Renta

A vivacious and imagination-tickling peony romantically pursues chilled mango in Oscar de la Renta’s Oscar Flor composition, resulting in this summer’s most sensual feminine fragrance. Oscar Flor is a scent that politely asks you to yield to temptation under the hot scorching sun.

It’s fresh and fruity, with pink jasmine adding to the peony and mango mix creating an exhilarating love triangle. Litchi lends the perfume an amazing succulent freshness detonating with every hot atom that breaks away from your skin. Tonka bean and musk safeguard the sweetness of the perfume, melting the olfactory heart into one vibrant elegance.

I imagine Oscar Flor woman as young at heart, and smiling at the face of life’s fanciful restrictions. She loves when a man kisses the nape of her neck, saturated with scented desire, sending tingles down her spine. She is spontaneous, gorgeous and well-mannered.

She takes her coffee with a drop of lascivious sweetness, and she takes life by its horns. She uses words as her seduction weapon, and loves thinking about pleasure centers.

When she dances, she unleashes the wild animal that lingers inside her, allowing herself to be seduced by the rhythm. When she dances, she can almost feel the earth accelerating its rotation…

Sexiness is a state of mind, she believes…her racy red lingerie, her silk stocking, her hip hugging dress, her kissed-smeared lipstick, all of these come alive by her carnal desire, her sheer desire…

Oscar Flor, created with summer romance in mind!

Oscar Flor By Oscar De La RentaEnjoy Oscar Flor by Oscar de la Renta on Scentbird

Oscar Flor is a perfume imparting an invigorating satisfaction to all of your seduction efforts, which makes it the perfect summer essential.

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