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5 Fun Perfumes to Get You Friday Night Ready3 min read

10/05/2018 3 min read

5 Fun Perfumes to Get You Friday Night Ready3 min read

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Celebrate the weekend with five fun fragrances that will help you wave goodbye to the office, and say hello to after-work cocktails, Sunday brunch and nonstop lounging.

Nolita Noir by Kierin NYC

Spicy with a gourmand undertone, Nolita Noir is a flirtatious fragrance with plenty of staying power.

Zesty bergamot is infused with sweet pink berries and moody patchouli in an utterly irresistible scent blend. We predict this will be the start of an aromatic love affair.

Envy Me by Gucci

Tangy wild fruits are  layered with petals and musk, making Envy Me every bit as decadent as you would expect, but still totally subtle and sophisticated.  

Gucci’s super light composition has longevity: it’s fruity with a kick, and extremely popular with our Scentbird community.

You or Someone Like You by Etat Libre d’Orange

Imagine a mojito party in a lush garden, and you won’t be far off this fragrance evokes.

Featuring notes of mint, grapefruit, cactus juice and unusual hedione—a jasmine-like note with a powdery finish – You or Someone Like You is a totally unique blend that will get people talking.

Midnight Fleur by Nest Fragrances

Notes of vanilla orchid and jasmine give Midnight Fleur a hazy floral vibe cut through with black amber and exotic woods.

Patchouli fills out the scent, making this a bold evening choice that smells incredible by day, too. 

Intense Cafe by Montale

Intense Cafe explores a more intoxicating and addictive side of coffee notes.

This crowd-pleaser from Montale brews rose and vanilla with coffee beans and white musk in a combination that’s floral, exotic and sweet in equal measures.

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