Thursday Scent Mood: Intense Cafe by Montale

Montale Scentbird

Thursday Scent Mood: Intense Cafe by Montale

Plaquette Montale 2011 Impress

For some it’s the chocolate, for some it is rose, but for me there is no scent more comforting and gripping than the bittery, earthy smell of freshly roasted coffee beans.

Now imagine a perfume that opens with a kick of freshly brewed coffee, the much needed energy fix of the morning ritual in the widely acclaimed coffee culture.

Intense-CafeMontale’s Intense Café coffee note is disguised as creamy coffee mocha with a buttery vanilla undertone, a mouthwatering olfactory design.

After the initial energy rush, Montale serves a healthy dose of rain-drenched rose. The coffee note takes the backseat and the rose dictates the ride, stopping only to collect the white musk on a journey of a lifetime.

And that is how this brewed coffee mix eventually smells: like a sweetened buttery vanilla and rose mocha coffee, the one you drink on a fall afternoon, when you need to be warmed and comforted like an old sweater, interwoven with memories.

Montale Intense Cafe Notes

Montale’s Intense Cafe is dark, intense and sensual olfactory offering from the fragrance gods.

And it is what I am wearing to brave the crispness that has been surrounding me this amazing fall morning.

What fragrance are you wearing today?

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