October Birthdays: Personality Traits + Perfume Matches


October Birthdays: Personality Traits + Perfume Matches

Not into star signs? No problem, there’s a lot you can tell about someone by the month they were born! Find out which personality traits those born in October share with Oscar Wilde, Mahatma Gandhi, and Pablo Picasso. And, we’ve rounded up the fragrances that will suit you best:

Personality traits:

  • People born in this month, tend to be charismatic and creative.
  • Diplomatic and peaceful, they can resolve conflicts with a bit of charm;
  • They bond easily with others and have rich social lives;
  • October-babies tend to thrive when collaborating with others.

Olfactory match: Stella by Stella McCartney for her and Remarkable People by Etat Libre d`Orange for him

Stella By Stella MccartneyStella’s main notes are rose and amber, a sensual combination that balances rich, floral notes and warm resinous accords.
A sprinkling of peony petals and mandarin orange injects something lighter and more playful to this elegant scent.

Why you’ll love it: Born in the fall, you’ll enjoy scents that are deep, but never overwhelming.

Remarkable People By Etat Libre DorangeRemarkable People’s fizzy fragrance smells like champagne with a squeeze of grapefruit. Cardamom adds a spicy aroma, while sandalwood helps to anchor this effervescent fragrance.

Why you’ll love it: This bubbly scent will lift up your mood when the temperature dips.

Bonus match: Apollo Hyacinth by EB Florals by Eric Buterbaugh

Apollo Hyacinth By Eb FloralsFeaturing not one but five floral notes – hyacinth, lily-of-the-valley, neroli, angelica and galbanum -Apollo Hyacinth is certainly floral, but occupies the fresh end of the spectrum. This fragrance highlights hyacinth’s stem, rather than its petals.

Why you’ll love it: Unique and unisex, this perfume offers a dewy, light perspective to fall’s woody notes


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