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How the World Became Addicted to YSL Opium

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How the World Became Addicted to YSL Opium


Although the idea behind the bottle of YSL’s Opium is far from romantic, millions of women will be ready to start another “Opium” war if the management of YSL ever decides to cease its production.

A few centuries ago, the Samurai used to store their opium pills inside containers that were similar to the red tasseled fragrance bottle that YSL created for its signature scent. The pills gave the Samurai the much needed courage to fight the enemy. Too bad that this courage came wrapped with an addiction.

YSL’s fragrance is also very addictive with 99% of its charm coming from its multiple fragrant layers.

The top notes of this perfume may be flowery in their earliest stages of application, but do not be deceived. This masterpiece dries down to the smell of a bamboo forest in the rain mixed with an Oriental spice tea.

This perfume speaks volumes and will never go unnoticed. Naturally, every woman decides if an overpowering scent is the right choice for her, however, Opium is a guaranteed game changer.

Ysl Opium Scentbird

Black Opium, the Heir to the Throne

The newest “bad boy” on the olfactory block, the heir to the Opium throne, YSL Black Opium perfectly fulfills its mission on the planet: make women feel and look prettier, finished, feminine and sexy.

It is out to captivate you, stir you from your slumber and induce a Black Opium addiction, probably because of its ever dominating coffee note.

Although from the notes listed I expected to be greeted by a very favorite note of mine, orange blossom, to my surprise, the perfume opens with a sweet and sexy wave of jasmine and a silent whisper of lingering patchouli, which then slowly gives way to the coffee accord.

If you were wondering when the sweet gourmand tsunami is going to hit your nostrils, give it 15 or 20 minutes, and then just wait for the vanilla/patchouli and a hint of cedar mix.

Black Opium By Yves Saint Laurent $14_95_Month Black-Opium

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