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A little R&R: Relaxing Fragrances

Relaxing Fragrances
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A little R&R: Relaxing Fragrances


In this 24 hour work a day world, sometimes you need a break for some me time.

Whatever your relaxing scent of choice is, give these four fragrances a try for a blissful tranquil time day or night.

Brit Sheer By Burberry

Brit Sheer by Burberry:

Burberry may be synonymous with the iconic trench coat, but this fragrance is a soothing scent despite the English rain connotation. With white musk and white woods as base notes, it also contains sparkling yuzu, peony, peach blossom and pear for a relaxing floral fragrance to wear all day.

Versense By Versace

Versense by Versace:

Despite its citrusy flair, Versense still has that power to convert from a tranquil fragrance to a day or night fragrance. With comforting Virginia cedar, it is blended with citruses of mandarin orange, lemons and bergamot for a cool dry down for a hectic day or night.

L'eau D'issey Edt By Issey Miyake

L’eau d’Issey EDT by Issey Miyake:

Fragrances can give you empowering moods. From an alluring spicy scent to a flirty fruity fragrance. But when relaxing, those types of fragrances may pique your senses more than soothe them. L’eau de Issey may seem like the usual floral fragrance with rose and lily notes. But it is the mixture of lotus and melon that despite living in the city or suburbs, will make you feel like you have a tropical oasis at home.

Romance Summer Blossom Edt By Ralph Lauren

Romance Summer Blossom EDT by Ralph Lauren:

Paradise encapsulated, Ralph Lauren’s Romance Summer Blossom is so incredibly intoxicating that one whiff will transport you to Hawaii or some heavenly escape where coconut and guava trees reside near a serene sea. Besides coconut and guava; jasmine, mandarin orange and vanilla make this perfume an essential for tranquil days and nights.

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