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Unique Olfactive Introduction: Scentbird Presents Commodity

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Unique Olfactive Introduction: Scentbird Presents Commodity


Commodity fragrances are what you wear when you want to express your life story.

Simple, luxurious and personal, Commodity offers a wide array of gender neutral scents that are loved by both men and women.

Currently Scentbird offers five fragrances from the Commodity line – Commodity Gold, Commodity Book, Commodity Moss, Commodity Rain, and Commodity Gin.

Gold by Commodity

Commodity Gold

Decadent, unexpected and intoxicating, Gold is a fragrant journey into luxuriousness led by an influx of Bergamot and Juniper Berries, before being seduced by the sultriness of molten Amber, extravagant Nubian Musk and Tonka Bean.

Book by Commodity

Commodity Book

Commodity Book is a scented rendition of adventure-filled reads. Book captures that sentiment through a woodsy fresh concoction of Sandalwood, Bergamot and Cypress.

Moss by Commodity

Commodity Moss

Moss by Commodity captures the freshness of a cool, misty, spring morning. It opens with invigorating Italian Bergamot, Oakmoss and Orange Blossom, enhanced by a smooth reveal of Amber, White Musk and Cashmere Woods.

Rain by Commodity

Commodity Rain

A dewy fragrance with invigorating aquatic notes, Rain by Commodity is cleansing and refreshing, like a walk in the rain. With a scented background of lotus, verbena, dew and jasmine, it will surely offer you the laid back sensation of a rainy afternoon.

Gin by Commodity

Commodity Gin

Limitless, euphoric and bold, Gin by Commodity speaks of all the opportunities that lay ahead of those ready to embrace a lavish night out. The exceptionally blended juniper berry, lime and ginger leaf help to celebrate the good times and life.

Try Commodity on Scentbird

Like a one of a kind scented signature, Commodity fragrances are as individual as you are.
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