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Giulietta and Colette by TOCCA: The Scents of Love

Giulietta Lifestyle Original

Giulietta and Colette by TOCCA: The Scents of Love


Giulietta by TOCCA

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Giulietta Masina and Federico Fellini’s love story was the inspiration for the creation of Giulietta, TOCCA’s most romantic scent yet.

Giulietta is a perfume for those searching for an intriguing floral escape. Sweet top notes of Ylang Ylang, Green Apple and Pink Tulips bloom into a floral delicacy of Lily of the Valley, Vanilla Orchid and Lilac. This irresistible scent lingers beautifully on the skin.

An ultra-feminine fragrance, Giulietta by TOCCA transports you to the island of Corsica, where the love story between Giulietta and Federico began.

Fresh, translucent, floral and easy to wear and fall in love with, Giulietta sets the mood for romantic daydreaming amid everyday reality.

Branded with TOCCA quality, Giulietta is a perfume leaving a scented trail worth following.

Colette by TOCCA

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Confident and creative as the French novelist Colette, this marvel by TOCCA is rich and mysterious.

Seductively spicy, Colette by TOCCA lives up to its inspirational namesake by delivering a warm, spicy and alluring olfactive adventure.

Merging multifaceted, zesty bergamot with Amalfi lemon and a succulent, juniper berry, Colette showcases a poetic integrity and sensual warmth.

The inspiration and passion behind Colette’s story shines through the exceptionally well crafted floral transition, embodied in the mix of pink peppercorn, jasmine and violet.

Glowing with Parisian charm Colette fades into a sensual blend of incense, sandalwood, musk, amber, vanilla and cedar notes.

Confident and creative as the French novelist Colette, this marvel by TOCCA is exceptionally well paired with every mood, outfit and season.

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