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Winter’s Favorite Fragrance Note: Oud

Oud Fragrance Note

Winter’s Favorite Fragrance Note: Oud

More intoxicating than love, more precious than gold, and rarer than a double rainbow, oud is the most expensive note in a perfumer’s palette. It has been valued for thousands of years, and is considered one of the most luxurious ingredients in the world of perfumery. 

Here are three fun facts about this special note: 

#1 Oud is derived from the agar tree, which forms a dark resin in order to protect itself.

#2 Ancient civilizations used it in esoteric ceremonies and meditation practices.

#3 It grows more potent with age and costs more than $1,000 per an ounce.

Also referred to as agarwood, this beloved fragrance note has been the leading headline in every perfumery trend for the past three years. Its popularity has skyrocketed, and almost every perfume nose around the globe has featured it in at least one of their latest creations. This demand has cemented oud’s place in both mainstream and niche perfumery, making it just as ubiquitous as rose or orange blossom. 

Perfect for cold weather, oud has a distinctively woody, slightly animalic and rich scent. Oud’s warmth adds a whole new brevity and depth when combined with floral or spicy notes. 

Now that we’ve got your interest piqued, take a look at these winter-perfect oud fragrances to try out:

MONTALE Aoud Forest

Montale Aoud Forest

If you’re looking to take baby steps with oud themed fragrances, try Montale’s Aoud Forest for a sensual fragrance that’s framed by a light, seawater accords as well as aromatic notes. It also features rose warmed with the oud note for a mysterious, warm and earthy scent. 

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DIANA VREELAND Daringly Different


Lovers of leather spiced with oriental notes will revel in Diana Vreeland’s Daringly Different. The scent pairs oud with tonka bean and leather, while the floral notes are content being in the background and support the agarwood’s lingering presence throughout the composition. Its animalic and intoxicating edge just heightens this sophisticated, stylish vibe. 

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Another Oud By Juliette Has A Gun

Characterized by a strong smoked woody scent, oud is quite masculine, but JHAG’s Romano Ricci pairs this dominant note with flirty raspberry, and delivers a scent with a strong masculine sturdiness with a juicy, fruity undertone. Musk and ambroxan surround the oud note in the opening, and prevent it from being overpowering. 

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Orion – Tiziana Terenzi

Orion is a stellar example of the finest Italian craftsmanship. Thyme and incense give this scent a hot, peppery bold kick. Bergamot and red currant brighten things up, while smooth agarwood (oud), musk and cedar warrant a sophisticated impression.

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Cuirs By Carner Barcelona

Cuirs is all luxury, pairing sophisticated agarwood with leather. Impossibly chic? Of course. 

Cuirs opens with a spicy blend of  saffron and caraway. Sandalwood, patchouli, and violet fill in at the heart, while oud and leather add a touch of exoticism at the base.

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    Cheri Smith

    LOVE Oude! Have worn it for a decade. Any chance ScentBird will offer the ouds from Maison Francis Kurkdjian? I've tried to order samples directly from them, with no success. You're my only hope! xD Thank you for the opportunity to smell good!

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