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Romano Ricci, great-grandson of Nina Ricci, creates a feminine fragrance collection inspired by a modernized version of Shakespeare’s love-struck heroine, Juliette, who has discovered a secret weapon of seduction: perfume.<br><br>Man-made scents mingle with Mediterranean spices in this oud-based fragrance backed by futuristic synthetic musks, and polished off with a gushing top note of bright raspberry. Another Oud is a daring and fresh approach to the oud style, and a must-try for jaded spice fans.
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Juliette Has A Gun Another Oud main notes

Agarwood (Oud)RaspberryMuskAmbroxanBergamot
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Scent type
product typeWoody
product typeSexy
product typeDate Night
product typeFall
product typeStrong
product typeIntense

Juliette Has A Gun Another Oud description

Oud has quickly become a hot trend in perfume in recent years, to the point where it’s ready to jump the shark at any moment. Every line seems to have at least one oud fragrance in their stable, and what once was striking and odd as a scent, is now as routine as roses.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with current trends. Iconoclastic perfume house Juliette Has a Gun prov

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