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Valentine’s Day Perfume Ideas For Romantics: Romantina by Juliette Has A Gun


Valentine’s Day Perfume Ideas For Romantics: Romantina by Juliette Has A Gun

Valentine's Day Perfume

Unofficially, there are 365 holidays each year that celebrate love… But there is only one official holiday every year dedicated to love, and it is just round the corner.

And since scent is the strongest testament of a passing moment, why don’t you “sign” your brand new memories with a new perfume this V-Day?

Whether you will be reaching for the perfume bottle yourself of you will be using this blog piece as a subtle hint as the ideal Valentine’s Day perfume gift idea, if you have romance in heart, this is the perfume that will jump start your romantic story:  Romantina by Juliette Has A Gun.

Romantina by JHAGIt is the olfactory equivalent of a love story! An intense, clandestine love affair.

Beautiful rose, sensual musk, soft woods. Something about this combo arrests me; connects with me, making me exclaim: I need this in my life so bad! A lot like love.

The perfume’s opening act is of the finest Turkish rose. The one that is bathing you in the heat radiating from its fragile beauty.

The soft middle of the perfume is comprised of vetiver and patchouli, with orange blossom enlightening the otherwise dark, passionate and heavy scent.

And then…Then the sensual musk comes to play. Its scented cells inject passion into the floral bouquet spiced with Bourbon vanilla.

I can hear it whispering naughty ideas in my ear. It’s that kind of refined sexy. The perfect V-day’s material.

Romano Ricci’s wizardry is not be taken lightly. In fact, the effects of this wizardry of his aren’t to be underestimated. Especially on a special night such as Valentine’s Day.

It is Valentine’s Day Perfume To Remember!

Romantina by Juliette Has A Gun Fragrance For Women Notes

Top notes: Turkish rose, bergamot;

Middle notes: Iris, tuberose, vetiver, orange blossom, patchouli;

Base notes: Musk, jasmine, Vanilla from Madagascar, cetalox, tonka bean, castoreum, benzoin. 

The most prominent notes are musk, Turkish rose and orange blossom, the scent’s projection and longevity are moderate while its sillage is very soft.

Valentine’s Day Perfume Ideas For Romantics: Romantina by Juliette Has A Gun on Scentbird

If you like what you just read and believe this is the ideal gift for yourself or your beau, follow this link and get a generous month’s supply of Romantina perfume in a sleek, reusable purse case for just 14.95 dollars on scentbird.com.

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