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Juliette Has A Gun
469 ratings
Eau de Parfum, Female, $135 Retail value
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Romano Ricci, great-grandson of Nina Ricci, creates a feminine fragrance collection inspired by a modernized version of Shakespeare’s love-struck heroine, Juliette, who has discovered a secret weapon of seduction: perfume.

A many-layered, multi-faceted white floral that fashions a wonderful coming-of-age story as it dries down. Musk and orange blossom sparkle into sensuous jasmine, boldly spiced Madagascar vanilla, and deeply textured patchouli. This perfume becomes a fragrant fable of a young woman gaining wisdom and finding her place in the world.
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  • Strong29%
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  • Warm17%
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  • Powdery6%
  • Sweet6%
About the brand
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Inspired by the multi-faceted version of the modern woman, Romano Ricci created the perfume line Juliette Has a Gun. The name is derived from the famous Shakespeare novel, but with an edgy 21st-century twist. Armed with her perfume arsenal, there is a “Juliette” inside every modern woman. Every Juliette Has a Gun fragrance has a rose base. The romantically fragile, but thorny rose is the perfect metaphor for the Juliette-woman. Classic, sophisticated and uncompromising, these new perfume creations are truly original with a heavy dash of rock n’ roll individuality. Juliette Has a Gun fragrances liberate you from the conventions by bringing scents that are simultaneously elegant and rock n’ roll. These distinctive and unique scents take each woman´s personality into bold new territories, while keeping true to what inspires the feminine sensuality within every wearer.
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