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Homme by CoSTUME NATIONAL: Groundbreaking and Flexible

Homme By Costume National Scentbird

Homme by CoSTUME NATIONAL: Groundbreaking and Flexible

Homme By Costume National

Every groundbreaking result is a direct consequence of a groundbreaking vision. And we all know that a genius like Dominique Ropion does not create mediocre fragrances.

One of his most popular and all-time admired fragrant children, which Ropion created for CoSTUME NATIONAL bears the simple name: Homme.

It is a fragrances that chooses its wearers, flirts with lovers of pure, simple, elegant olfactive form. This traditional form of fragrant expression is compliant with the principles of perfumery set at the very beginning of the 20th century, combined with the materials, trends and needs of the 21st century modern man.

The Homme olfactory theme opens with the inevitable burst of citrusy mix: bergamot and grapefruit, accompanied by just the tiniest nod of cardamom.

After a while the opening theme submerges a little and cinnamon shines through. Imagine a storm, and the gushes of wind carry scents of aromatic cinnamon, like a spoonful of comfort disguised as cinnamon apple pie.

The three shades of the dry down can be unpeeled one by one, or they can be layered one upon another, depending on your skin chemistry.

First comes the wave of patchouli followed by a soft whisper of labdanum (I believe Ropion went for subtle over overtly sweet, that’s why the labdanum is overshadowed by sandalwood).

And the crushing wave named sandalwood is worth all the hype Homme creates: creamy, intoxicating, sandalwood aroma, reigning the scent with its firm hand and grip on your skin.

In order to be appealing, the cologne does not need to be groundbreaking, but flexible.

It needs to oblige with the needs of the wearer, evolving over time and increasing the pleasure with every passing moment.

Luckily for us, the lovers of CoSTUME NATIONAL, Homme is both groundbreaking and flexible. A real delight in a bottle.

Homme by CoSTUME NATIONAL fragrance for men notes

Top notes: Grapefruit, cardamom, bergamot,

Middle notes: cinnamon, thyme, cloves

Base notes: patchouli, sandalwood, labdanum.

The most prominent notes are cinnamon, cloves and sandalwood, enormous longevity, strong projection and monstrous sillage. 

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