Casual Valentine’s Day Perfume: Cashmere by Clean

Casual Valentines Day Perfume 1

Casual Valentine’s Day Perfume: Cashmere by Clean

Casual Valentine’s Day perfume? Yes, it is “the One” perfume for the ladies who don’t make a big fuss of V-Day, yet still want to smell good on this day just like any other day.

Nothing is more casual than an over-sized, snugly ivory cashmere sweater, and Cashmere by Clean is pretty much the same, but in olfactive form.

This very perfume is also renowned for honoring love, except this time you are honoring the love you feel for yourself.

If you can’t remember when was the last time you looked yourself in the mirror and said “I love you” to the beautiful face looking back from the other side, this Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to do this.

Use the ultimate casual Valentine’s Day perfume to facilitate the process.

Cashmere is an effortlessly chic blend of woods and musk, cocooned by floral undertones of mimosa and jasmine.

If you look at the notes listed by Clean, you expect a bright, citrusy opening, due to the cedar leaf, bergamot, and lime lavandin combo. However, as if this stage is completely skipped and suddenly I am greeted by warm, powdery floral heart.

As they begin to fade, the true, warm, sensual woodsy musk dry down shows its beautiful face, and I cannot help but feel I am wearing my favorite sweater, drenched in cuddly fabric softener. My head is lightweight, with no care in this world.

If you ever need a proof that subtle perfumes cannot be luxurious at the same time, just spray a bit of Cashmere on your wrists.

Ring into Valentine’s Day 2016 with some healthy dose of self-love and a big dose of this casual perfume.

Today may and may not be Valentine’s, but I feel the love.

Cashmere by Clean Fragrance For Women Notes

Top notes: Cedar leaf, bergamot, lime lavandin;

Middle notes: Mimosa, jasmine, guaiac wood;

Base notes: Tonka beans, heliotrope, musk, sandalwood.

The most prominent notes are musk, Tonka bean and sandalwood, the scent’s projection and longevity are moderate while its sillage is soft.

Casual Valentine’s Day Perfume: Cashmere by Clean on Scentbird

This Valentine’s Day love is in the air, a genie released in the form of perfume. If hearts and chocolates aren’t your thing, but you love the idea of celebrating yourself and the love, follow this link and get not one day but a generous month supply of the cuddly Cashmere perfume in a sleek, reusable purse case for just 14.95 dollars on scentbird.com.

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