Sexy Valentine’s Day Perfume: Sexy Amber by Michael Kors

Sexy Valentines Day Perfume

Sexy Valentine’s Day Perfume: Sexy Amber by Michael Kors

If this V – Day you aim for sexiness, allow Cupid and me to assist you in hitting the bullseye by choosing this extremely sexy Valentine’s Day perfume.  

Sexy Amber by Michael Kors smells like a racy night in with your partner. It was designed with seduction in mind, and its main purpose is not to sit pretty on your bedroom’s vanity table.

The stand out note in the composition is amber, but it is nothing like the heavy, warm amber you are used to stealing the show in other fragrances.

This one is light, unoffensive amber, mixing and penetrating your skin, trying to bring out your own skin scent to the surface and beautify it. The scent your partner knows by heart and loves with all of his heart.

The perfumer’s Harry Fremont idea to include white florals is to create an easy to combine perfume. A perfume which proudly displays the stamp of eternal elegance and it is always trendy. But underneath it all, it is down right racy and sexy.

Sandalwood fixates the sexy concoction, warranting the scent’s evolution until the following day, when the ruffled sheets radiate passion.

Michael Kors’s  Sexy Amber is one helluva sexy Valentine’s Day perfume with some serious performance.

You can call it your fragrant stalker, since it will clock some serious hours following you all night. Can your lover keep up the perfume’s tempo?

If you wear this perfume on your V- day date, do not expect a perfume that will smother you with affection, but expect a smooth lover.

Sexy Amber by Michael Kors Fragrance For Women Notes

Top notes: Sandalwood

Middle notes: White floral bouquet

Base notes: Amber

The most prominent notes are amber, white floral and sandalwood, the scent’s projection and longevity are strong while its sillage is moderate to soft.

Sexy Valentine’s Day Perfume: Sexy Amber by Michael Kors on Scentbird

On Valentine’s Day 2016, dust off  your old record player, put on Edith Piaf’s La Vie on Rose and Sexy Amber on your wrists and neck and enjoy the marvels of life and love.

If you can use some sexiness in your everyday life,  follow this link and accustom yourself to feeling sexy not for one day but a whole month, courtesy of the fragrant wizards called Scentbird. Together with the month supply of the racy Sexy Amber perfume you get a sleek, reusable purse case for just 14.95 dollars on scentbird.com.

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