Sophisticated Valentine’s Day Perfume: La Nuit Tresor by Lancome

Sophisticated Valentines Day Fragrance

Sophisticated Valentine’s Day Perfume: La Nuit Tresor by Lancome

May this Valentine’s be not only filled with love, but also flooded with plenty of dazzling scents. Sophisticated and classy nights out on this romantic day call for especially sophisticated Valentine’s Day perfume.

You will find it in the dictionary under the synonym La Nuit Tresor by Lancome. It’s a perfume with rather strong aura, which oozes elegance and luxury, and those two qualities are canvased onto the scent’s finishing masterpiece: the dry down.

The 2015 edition is a very nice take on the 1990 original, with praline running the fragrant show. Although too many people call it the less sugar-coated sibling of La Vie Est Belle, to my nose there is an element of surprise, which can be clearly detected in the final phase, the dry-down.

This perfume radiates Lancome’s popular vibe with its edible quality and lure.

With its innocent and delicious opening, you can smell the pear sizzling on a low heat pan, with sugar caramelizing and hitting on the tangerine. Like a bite of ice cream shared with your childhood crush.

I wished the opening stage could last a little bit longer, because the perfume’s transition is a bit over the top strawberry note. But then again, strawberries are known to be one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs, and Valentine’s can use a little bit of nontraditional spices.

And then comes the dry down. The majestic dry down. The final act is reserved for incense and caramel with warm spice in it which is rich and sophisticated, sexy.

I think my most favorite note is the litchi note, which in combination with caramel makes me drool with beauty. If you are known for your gourmand propensities, there will be an instant impulse to buy this one. And wearing it on Valentine’s will make someone else feel the urge to smell your skin drenched in this highly sophisticated Valentine’s Day perfume.

La Nuit Tresor by Lancome Fragrance For Women Notes

Top notes: Pear, Bergamot, Tangerine;

Middle notes:Black rose, Vanilla orchid, Passionfruit, Strawberries ;

Base notes: Patchouli, Incense, Papyrus, Litchi, Praline, Caramel, Licorice.

The most prominent notes are praline, litchi and vanilla orchid, the scent’s projection and longevity are strong while its sillage is heavy.

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