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What Is Your Fragrant Alter-Ego?4 min read

02/09/2016 3 min read

What Is Your Fragrant Alter-Ego?4 min read

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Imagine perfume is just as powerful as makeup. It can give you a fleeting confidence booster, instantaneously transforming you in whoever you want to be.

It is called a fragrant alter-ego. Now, I’m asking you: What is your fragrant alter-ego?

Is it a Glamorous Muse, a Stylish Icon, an Unstoppable Love Goddess, a Daydreamer or Miss Femininity?

Read the descriptions below and choose your secret identity, perfume-wise.

Glamorous Muse:

You walk your life’s catwalk with lots of attitude and pride. There are three things you keep up high in life:

  • Your heels;
  • Your head and
  • Your standards.

Since art imitates life, the camera on your phone is always rolling. The starring protagonist? You, of course.

If the shoe fits, then you will be delighted by Scentbird Hollywood Diva gift set. Perfumes included in the set: GUCCI Première, ESTÉE LAUDER Modern Muse Le Rouge and YVES SAINT LAURENT Black Opium.

In each of these perfumes there are hidden qualities that tempt the senses, just how you like it.

Stylish Icon:

Your sartorial savvy is simply out of this world. You’re the leader of both a fashionable pack and trends. While most people say it’s the day that counts, you measure the year’s values in weeks: Milan, Paris and NY Fashion Weeks, to be exact. You have the audacity to defy the society’s style limits.

French have passports to prove their sophistication, and you…well, you are Parisian by heart.

If this is you, Scentbird Parisian Sophisticate fits you like Tory Burch striped gloves. The set includes CHLOE Roses De Chloe, LANCOME La Vie Est Belle and LALIQUE Perles De Lalique.

Each of the perfumes in the set are separated by temperament, but united in sophistication.

Unstoppable Love Goddess:

You have his heart, now rip it off. In the love game, you call all the shots. You firmly believe in love, which starts with self-love. You are at the same time love maker and love taker.

Men, they never stand a chance. Until you find the one who recognizes your divine being and treats you as you have just stepped off Mount Olympus. Till then, R.E.S.P.E.C.T. is a must-have.

The goddess in you should be equipped with only the best, and Scentbird has just the thing: Miss Heartbreaker. The set contains three perfumes; DOLCE & GABBANA Dolce, GUCCI Guilty and GIORGIO ARMANI Acqua di Gioia, an eclectic mix of fragrances that sets the hearts on fire.

The Daydreamer:

It is so easy for you to fall in love with pieces of art, pieces that talk to you. The ones that have a story to share with you. You love living on cloud nine, where you enjoy sun, rain and rainbows. And few unicorns. Everyday life is ok, but there so little magic in it, that you need to import from your dreams.

You dream big!

For the  day and night dreamer in you and around you, I suggest you choose Scentbird Miss Daydreamer set. The perfumes in it are CLEAN Rain, BVLGARI Aqva Divina, and HERMES Un Jardin Sur Le Toit. All of the three perfumes are beautifully composed and richly evocative examination of love in a bottle.

Miss Femininity:

“Femininity is the ultimate form of sophistication” is your life motto. In a man’s world, you cling on your womanliness. A feminine maverick who no matter the circumstances wears red lipstick, because it is the woman’s prerogative.

You go, girl, kill ’em with kindness!

But on your mission to politely take over the world, you may need a sidekick, and I have just the thing for you: Miss Pretty Scentbird set, in which you will find:  LALIQUE L’Amour, SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Emozione, and NEST
Midnight Fleur.

Smelling these lovely fragrances on you will prompt people feel the embrace of beauty on the shorelines of your delicate face.

Which one describes you best?

And I am not talking about your everyday personality, but I want to know about the person you could be if someone offers you the chance to walk in someone else’s shoes, just for one day.

In your wildest dreams, who would you be?

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    Do you have bon9

  • Marina Ljubisavljevic

    Marina Ljubisavljevic

    Dear Alvinia, thank you for your interest in Scentbird. Currently Bond No.9 is not part of Scentbird's collection, however there are close to 500 designer and niche fragrances that may spark your interest. I will make sure to pass along your fragrance brand suggestion to Scentbird's product team, so be sure to check periodically, as Scentbird is constantly expanding the fragrance portfolio.

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