Throw the Ultimate Girls Night In!

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Throw the Ultimate Girls Night In!


There is nothing like spending quality time with your girlfriends to feel good. In fact, scientists have noticed women produce the “feel-good” hormone oxytocin when bonding with friends.

How long has it been since your last “catching up with girlfriends? Unless you say, “yeah, we did that yesterday”, it is definitely long overdue.  So call your girlfriends and tell them you plan on organizing the most memorable girls night in ever.  

Here are some fun ideas to transform an informal get–together into the greatest girls night in the history of friendship.

1.Give them the gift that keeps on giving!

Part of the allure of perfume is that it is at once a transient whiff of a lovely scent and a memory that etches in your brain. It creates a confident invisible armor to face any occasion.

However, this invisible armor does not come in one size fits all, so the best thing to give your girlfriends is the ability to find their perfect match without much hustle and bustle.

Take out your Scentbird collection and let them try different scents.  Or if you’re feeling generous, sign them up for a gift subscription. You can then take turns smelling different scents and have your friends pick a scent for you.

Watch them losing their minds over the sleek black purse and the idea of getting a whole month supply of perfume of their choice delivered to their doors, every month for just $14.95!


2.Let ‘em eat cake!

PancakesOk, so it’s not cake, but it’s something even better: panCAKE. And the ones you can eat without guilt, because are made of buckwheat and folded in pumpkin puree for added flavor, fiber, health boost and pleasure.

Go over to Lonny Magazine, follow this link and earn your Martha Stewart hosting badge!

And while you are on this page, check out their neat, wanderlust-generating Travel Style. Get the party going by getting inspired for a fun filled girls holiday on some of the proposed travel destinations. Daydreaming is good for both your heart and your friendship.

3.Give each other makeovers

Ever wondered how your friend would look with sizzling red lipstick or hurricane inducing lashes? You know she would be a total babe, if only she tried it.

Break the ice and offer some of your friends to play the much coveted role of makeup artist. But as you know, every great artist is in a dire need of great tools, so rush over to Stowaway Cosmetics .  They’re just the perfect size so you can always try something new and fresh.

I recommend getting the Everyday Kit, because it contains everything you and your friends need. But don’t say I didn’t warn ya: after seeing the kit, you will convert into a real Stowaway fanatic!

The Stowaway Kit -

And the real icing of the cake, DIY nail polish project. Everyone should make a nail polish in their favorite color, and then give it to the friend with the matching bag.

Don’t know how to do it? Just roll over to the online queens of DIY realm, Darby Smart and follow the easy instructions.


4.Bring out the good stuff

Margaritas, cosmos and cocktails are fine, but nothing gets the conversation going like a great glass of wine.

While paying a visit to the local liquor shop may seem like a good idea, I have one that tops it, and it’s called Bright Cellars.

Bright Cellars is a monthly wine Cupid-like club that can find your truest wine match. Take your taste palate quiz to see your personalized matches. The best thing? There are no wrong answers!

Surprise your friends and your taste buds with a classy wine that brings out your sassy personality.

Bright Cellars

5.The height of being the perfect hostess

The truth is, the wine assortment offered by Bright Cellar is top notch, I would expect lots of tipsy confessions late into the night. I strongly suggest that your girls night in should transform into a girls night sleepover.

A good host is always prepared, so think in advance about comfort and coziness in style, which can only be provided by soft bedding.

Don’t know where to find that combo? I do. In Crane and Conopy. They are the perfect excuse for not being a morning person. My pick? Their patterned duvet sets:


And when you all wake up next morning in a need of a quick beauty fix, don’t forget to bring out the Stowaway kit and the Scentbird perfumes, since great makeup and a fresh scent work wonders to perk you up!

And post the images on social media. Because you know, if it’s not on FB, it never happened. Label it with the hahstag #epicgirlsnightin

Does this sound like something you and your girls want to try? What are you waiting for?

Turn the Best Girls Night In into the Ultimate Girls Night in by entering the Ultimate Girl’s Night In Pampering Prize Package (worth over $2,000!) by entering here.

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