The Best Fragrances for April Birthdays

Perfumes For Those Born In April

The Best Fragrances for April Birthdays

Celebrating your birthday in April ? Read on to find your perfect fragrance matches…

Who you are:

  • An independent go-getter, who leads the way.
  • Energetic, a powerhouse personality, always encouraging others to join their adventure.
  • You face whatever challenges arise and never buckle under pressure.
  • Naturally curious, emotional and empathetic.

Your go-to fragrances are:

Stella by Tocca

Edp Stella 300Dpi

A fusion of bitter orange, blood orange, and vibrant floral notes that dry down into a warm, woody soft scent. This citrus-forward scent is smoothed out by a silky trail of musk at the base.

Why you’ll love it: A playful little number, Stella is a mood-booster with a splash of vibrant citrus notes to suit your on-the-go vibe.

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Get A Room

Get A Room by Confessions of a Rebel

The sensual fragrance blends apple and mandarin with dry woody notes; throw in a little mix vanilla, praline and a touch of spice for depth and you get a perfectly balanced cologne.

Why you’ll love it: Get A Room’s harmonious blend of woody, fruity and spicy nuances makes it a versatile cologne, ensuring it’s appropriate for almost every occasion.

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Source1 by Hermetica

Source1 Bottle

Source1 bergamot green molecular notes are grounded with a clean woody and amber base that’s fresh, smooth and walks you right into nature. It’s a summer morning fragrance – think grass dew drops, a cup of tea, and a caressing breeze that smells warm and inviting.

Why you’ll love it: The ideal scent to carry you through spring: fresh, minimalistic and utterly unique.

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