Niche Lines by Personality Type4 min read

02/04/2019 3 min read
Steve Johnson


Niche Lines by Personality Type4 min read

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Fine perfume is all about creating a specific mood, right?  And what better way to choose a new scent than knowing your own natural moods and emotions, and how you can present them through fragrance.  Here’s a Pro Tip for you:  for every personality type, there’s a perfume that will show it off to the fullest (or not – there are also perfumes that are made just for your inner world to enjoy as well.)

So, without further ado, here is a quick list of suggestions for some killer niche fragrances based solely on personality types to make your next fragrance shopping excursion feel true to how you see yourself in the world.

For Natural Extroverts:                                                         

If your personality comes with its own spotlight, billboard, and entourage (real or imagined), look for fragrances that aren’t intentionally trying to keep it on the DL.  Try out stronger scents loaded with lots of jasmine sambac, tuberose, gardenia, leather, tobacco, and intense exotic fruits like yuzu, pineapple, and ripe berries.  Big personalities don’t apologize for their energy, and neither should your fragrance.

We recommend: Rima XI by Carner Barcelona

A floral spicy fragrance that is mysterious and sensual, Rima XI features exotic notes of Guatemalan cardamom, Madagascan black pepper, Ceylon cinnamon and Australian sandalwood.  Either a man or a woman can wear this with equal sophistication and elegance, and it’s perfect for anyone looking to make a serious statement in scent.

For Natural Introverts:

Not everyone feels fantastic being the ultimate center of attention, and for those of you who like to play it cool, incense and light florals are a fantastic option for keeping it real on the inside.

We recommend: Encens by Rag & Bone

A lightly spiced, incense-driven scent accented with black pepper, frankincense, myrrh, cistus, and an incense accord in the heart. Amber and musk in the base take the soft, introspective feel in sweet and bright directions simultaneously.

For Competitive Spirits:

Sometimes what motivates you most is going mano-a-mano against a goal you’ve set or winning awards or promotions for your accomplishments.  You’re never content unless you’re pitting your skills against the world, and your fragrance choices can help you achieve your best results.  Lean on bright, zesty fruits like lemon and grapefruit to focus your senses, and fragrances with their own inner fire to keep you on point throughout the day. 

We recommend: Pomelo Fizz by Comptoir Sud Pacifque

Pomelo Fizz is the drowsy, golden scent of bright afternoon sun. Its caresses your senses in a relaxing aura of orange citrus, sweet orange blossom, driftwood-dry myrrh, and the warm skin scent of musk. Zesty grapefruit adds a splash of invigorating sparkle to this refined and refreshing fragrance.

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