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5 Gourmand Scents That Smell Better Than a French Bakery


5 Gourmand Scents That Smell Better Than a French Bakery

A little sassy, a little sweet, and a whole lot of impact, these gourmand perfume options are made for indulgence and seduction. But don’t just take our word for it — these gourmand fragrances have gathered the highest praise within our Scentbird community. Everyone wants them, and after you read the reviews, you will too!

PINK SUGAR Pink Sugar 

Pink Sugar 1

Like a vanilla stick buried in a jar of sugar, Pink Sugar is a mouthwatering, sweet fragrance, conjuring fantasies about living into Willy Wonka’s factory and frolicking with one of his cotton candy sheep.

“This is amazing! Lasts all day. Fruity with vanilla. Love it!” – Victoria M.

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ROOM 1015 – Cherry Punk 

Cherry Punk

Enriched with floral notes and feisty patchouli, this feminine fragrance is elevated by its punk attitude for a daring sign-off as bold as a salted caramel and whipped cream crêpe, eaten after midnight. 

“I loved it!!! Not too strong at all! And it makes me want to go to a lounge all dressed up!” – Nichole P.

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TOUS Love Me

Love Me

Built upon the tantalizingly indulgent note of lychee, dried petals, and jasmine, Love Me delivers sumptuous sweetness with every spray.

“My boyfriend loooooves this scent – he’s practically tackled me after smelling it.” – Kasi W.

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VINCE CAMUTO Illuminare Intensa 

Illuminare Intensa 1

Warm, floral notes together with a flash of fruits, spices, amber, vanilla, and musk, lend a sophisticated playfulness that’s much more thrilling than your average petal-powered scent.

“Love love love this scent. It was a nice soft fresh scent. One of my new top faves” -Samantha H

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An uplifting perfume, effervescent, and bubbly as a tall flute of pink champagne, it seduces with notes of cotton candy, pink peony, and wild strawberry.

“This is a wonderful, fruity, cotton candy scent that’s heavy on strawberry!” – Laura G.

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