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These Scents are as Gorgeous as the Mosaics That Inspired Them


These Scents are as Gorgeous as the Mosaics That Inspired Them

Like the shards of stone that meld together to become the showpiece that is the Terrazzo flooring at Palazzo Bonvicini, all our memories and our emotions are unified to make us what we are…” – Didier Guillon, President and Artistic Director of Valmont

Inspired by the Terrazzo flooring at Palazzo Bonvicini, which Didier lovingly refers to as Palazzo Nobile, this breathtaking fragrance collection is all about exploring and interpreting the emotion of memories, the unexpected and the original.

So, what is terrazzo alla veneziana?

Terrazzo is a type of flooring that is manufactured entirely on-site, using various marble shards that are scattered in a skillful and cohesive way, creating mosaics unique to every room and house. Just like the hundreds of tiny marble pieces that meld together to create a unique terrazzo alla veneziana artwork, each scent from the Palazzo Nobile fragrance collection fuses different elements, resulting in original, refined, timeless, and classic masterpieces. 

Palazzo Nobile makes up this first collection of olfactory emotions, airy, crystalline, bursting forth with lightness. It is as fresh and delicate as Italy itself, like the eaux de parfum that are central  to the Italian perfume tradition”,

Sophie Guillon, the mastermind behind each and every parfum elixir.

For her, these scents are veritable olfactory whispers, coming together like the mosaic of your life. 

The olfactive families are translated through various emotions, representative of the different glass pieces of the terrazzo mosaic. One by one, these elements catch your eyes and suddenly the green glass shard evokes the aroma of something fresh, crisp, and dewy — not unlike the Secret Bamboo scent. 

Bright Poppy is distinctively red — a burst of laughter, imbued with joy, radiating and vibrant, same as watching a carefree child running through a field of wild poppy flowers — brought to you by a blend of bergamot, jasmine sambac, and cedarwood notes. 

Fizzy Mint sparkles with brightness and joy, exploring another dimension of freshness and lightness, similar to the moment when a ray of sunshine illuminates a part of the terrazzo and its beauty comes in full focus. 

The universal seducer, Casanova 2161, is an ultra seductive piece of art — timeless, elegant, and resolutely stylish, very similar to the historic Venetian resident. 

Evanescent and graceful, Palazzo Nobile fragrances elegantly interpret the olfactory intimacy that happens between you and the scent you carry on your bare skin. Try them all with Scentbird, here:

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