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The Inspiration Behind Valmont’s Palazzo Nobile Scents

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The Inspiration Behind Valmont’s Palazzo Nobile Scents

From the outside, Palazzo Bonvicini is a sixteenth-century building in Venice’s Santa Croce sestieri, but on the inside, it’s a cauldron of art, craftsmanship, passion, and desire, a home to the owners and CEOs of the Valmont Group, but also the birthplace of Palazzo Nobile fragrance collection and an exquisite art exhibition.

As an artist, philanthropist, and dreamer, Didier Guillon, Valmont’s president and artistic director has always strived to explore different interpretations of aesthetics through various mediums. But for his wife Sophie, all of her emotions, unspoken, hidden and manifested alike are best interpreted through scent. 

Inspired by the Terrazzo flooring at Palazzo Bonvicini, which Didier lovingly refers to as Palazzo Nobile, the eponymous fragrance collection explores the nobility of the eau de toilette, through its various aromatic facets. 


Drawing inspiration from her surroundings, the artworks, her impulses, her travels, encounters, joys and sorrows, she assigns them a different color, a feel and emotions, distilling them in different olfactive extracts. Unique yet delicate, she arranges them one by one in the mosaic of life, mirrored in the terrazzo motif used by Didier Guillon to envelop and brand the Palazzo Nobile fragrance collection.

“For Didier and myself, Palazzo Bonvicini is really meaningful, a starting point for a new collection, a new source of creativity for a line of perfumes,” says Guillon. “I am overjoyed to have a room of my own in the Palazzo, where I can go back to my first love: perfume.” 

She believes that each scent reveals everything about the creator of that scent, but also for those who fall irrevocably in love. Everytime you take a whiff of a Palazzo Nobile scent, you’re not just experiencing a blend of unique notes fused together, you’re also feeling each and every emotion that Sophie Guillon felt when she combined her mosaics of life. In a true alchemic fashion, each scent contains olfactive accords, a tiny piece of Palazzo Bonvicini, and all of Sophie’s heart, love, and desire. 

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