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Valmont CEO Sophie Guillon on Merging Art With Beauty


Valmont CEO Sophie Guillon on Merging Art With Beauty

From luxurious cosmetic products mastering the signs of time to fragrant masterpieces that stir the deepest emotions, Valmont is one of the rulers of the beauty industry’s realms. 

Valmont’s CEO, Sophie Guillon, the skincare and fragrance queen is the fulcrum between the laboratories and the final products that cater to all of the wishes and needs of the brand’s clientele. Together with her husband, Didier Guillon, she is the impetus behind Storie Veneziane, an olfactive fairytale that tells the Venetian story of art, craftsmanship, and beauty through a distinctive medley of notes, as unique as the different neighborhoods of Venice. 

Sophie Guillon Scentbird

For me, beauty is the union of several ingredients that must interact, adapt, and balance, ultimately establishing harmony,” she says. “These contrasts have always intrigued me. Today, they have become my signature through 20 years at cosmetic creation at Valmont, and now with this new project for Valmont perfumes. This enduring passion is what keeps me going. It is my inspiration, my motivation, and my guiding light year after year. “

Sophie Guillon

In 2018, Sophie and Didier Guillon amalgamated their skills, their passions, and vision to breathe life to Storie Veneziane, or “Venetian Stories,” an olfactory high jewelry collection, a fragrant homage to Venice’s tradition of craftsmanship present throughout its various neighborhoods. Didier lent his artistic flourish in the design of an exceptional bottle, and Sophie her creative genius in the distinctive perfume extracts for each and every fragrance. Valmont Group then launched Palazzo Nobile (and Collezione Privata) in 2020 as a second chapter of these Venetian Stories. 

Now housed in an iconic Venetian palace, which also serves as a House of Art and exhibits many masterpieces, including some extraordinary pieces from maestro himself, Sophie has found a never ending source of creativity, which distills as a new chapter in these beloved Venetian Stories by Valmont. 

Sophie Guillon Scentbird Palazzo Bonvicini

For Didier and myself, Palazzo Bonvicini is really meaningful, a starting point for a new collection, a new source of creativity for a line of perfumes. The bond Didier and I share can be seen every step of the way. I see it as the catalyst,” says Guillon. “Didier always has his very own visionary ideas, which spark our creativity. I am overjoyed to have a room of my own in the Palazzo, where I can go back to my first love: perfume.” 

The Palazzo Nobile collection is inspired by the emotion of memories, a collection so beautiful and imbued with a range of different fragrant blends, it will most definitely propel you to make these scents your signature. 

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