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Top 5 Colognes to Strengthen your Masculinity

Top 5 Colognes To Strengthen Your Masculinity


Top 5 Colognes to Strengthen your Masculinity


The term fragrance is no longer used as an exclusively female beauty perk. As a matter of fact, the man that uses it knows what he wants and always chooses a fragrance that will emphasize his masculinity, dominance and good taste.

The fragrance is the highlight of his personal style!

Read all about the five masculine scents recommended by Scentbird, perfect for the men who are standing firmly on the ground, while shooting for the moon.

Vintage Edt By John Varvatos

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Vintage EDT by John Varvatos

Vintage EDT is a magnetic and sexy fragrance, framing the impeccable style and refined masculinity in an olfactory form. The top notes of this fragrant release reflect energy and manhood. They can be sensed in the mix of wormwood, basil, rhubarb, quince, fennel and pepper.

The heart hides transitional spiciness: aromatic juniper berries, lavender, and cinnamon, jasmine, combined with orris root and green leaves, which adds a touch of sophistication. Dry down reveals an intriguing intense blend of masculine power: tonka bean, tobacco, suede, patchouli, oakmoss, balsam fir and woody notes, which seamlessly encloses this fragrant composition.

Bentley For Men Intense By Bentley

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Bentley for Men Intense by Bentley

Bentley for Men Intense is a fragrance that glorifies the modern perception of modern masculinity, combining power, style and poise in one fragrant amalgam. In contact with skin it brings forth an explosion of elegance thanks to revitalizing bergamot, black pepper and bay leaf combined with sensual woody notes and a strong dose of rum.

Finally, the scent opens its deepest manly character thanks to notes of leather, benzoin, incense, cedar and patchouli.

12 Lacha By Odin

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12 Lacha by Odin

Lacha 12, a warm unusual scent is comprised of harmonious blends of woody notes, spices and sweetness, causing a sense of mystery, ruggedness, and sensuality, thanks to its genderless nature.

The masculinity can be traced back to its playful nuances of suede and spices, which does not subsides with the addition of subtle carnation note.

A perfect choice for the men who are not afraid of getting in touch with their other, gentler side.

Honour Man By Amouage

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Honour Man by Amouage

This fragrance reveals the boldness of 21st century man and the texture of his sheer determination for success. Infused with an intense concentration of woody notes, spices and powerful essential oils, Honour Man is a scented nod to all men who celebrate values like integrity, strength and courage.

It’s not your everyday masculine fragrance, the one with abundance of citrusy freshness evoking freespiritness. It’s a strong spicy, warm slightly powdery cologne with unusual inspiration.

It’s outgoing, loud and comes with a profusion of confidence. Hardcore masculine fragrance.

Island Life For Him By Tommy Bahama

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Island Life for Him by Tommy Bahama

The essence of Island Life: Scented mindfulness inspired by a strong zesty bergamot, diversified with the languid profusion of nutmeg and fortified with the manly note of cedar.
For the laidback specimen of manhood, this is a fragrance that conjures adventurous escapades, a rush of adrenalin and the ultimate contentment: life’s a beach philosophy.

Scentbird, at the Height of Masculinity

Since this is a list of the best masculine scents, chances are you may already have at least one perfume from the list. Do you have any suggestions for improving this list? Write it in the comment section. I would love to hear it!

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