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The Hit List: We Have June’s Hottest Colognes2 min read

06/06/2017 3 min read
The Best Spring Wedding Colognes

The Hit List: We Have June’s Hottest Colognes2 min read

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Now that we said our final goodbyes to the cold and rainy season (we’ll drink to that) it is time to enjoy our time under the sun.  New season means new style, not just fashion, but scent-wise also.

But wait…Before you start convincing yourself that maybe your usual cologne or deodorant will do, let me save you the troubles and tell you no, it won’t.

Summer calls for light, tasteful, lots-of-character colognes that’ll dot the i of your every creative stylish solution. Luckily, we have these colognes on our list:

best summer colognesSummer called, with cocktail in its hands and Versace Man Eau Fraiche on its skin, claiming that power spice, sweetly puffed-up starfruit and high-shine citruses is the perfect combo to break from traditional colognes this summer season.

best summer colognes

It’s not just the spiced up trend in Versace Man Eau Fraiche giving it extra… check out the flower power notes and jazzy mint in Acqua Essenziale EDT by Salvatore Ferragamo, making this summer’s cologne trends fascinating without being overwhelming.

best summer colognes

We might just have found a cure for Mondays… And every other day till vacation comes: in the form of Artisan Acqua EDT by John Varvatos. With its bright pomelo notes, to fir, palmarosa and lavender, every day will feel like pool day. Until it finally does. Spray generously on clean skin. Effects should take hold right away.

best summer colognes

The greatest motivators for going out while it’s hot outside:
1. Summer sunshine.
2. Sleek new cologne called L’Etrog by Arquiste.
3. The promise of lots of compliments afterwards.

Added bonus: feeling elegant and fresh!

best summer colognes

Let your deodorant staycation in your drawer and experiment with new scent this summer. With ruffled citruses, mellow floral heart and woodsy notes in the dry down, Eau Monumentale by Thirdman will make you feel bold and ready to take on whatever life throws at you.

Goin places? So are these next-level colognes and cologne trends – the major flower power notes, amped-up citruses and mellowed out spices. So Extra. And with Scentbird’s sleek case, whichever one you go for, it can really go everywhere with you.

The best summer colognes, for you!

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