Unisex Fragrance

Top Unisex Summer Fragrances, For You And Your Significant Other

Unisex Summer Fragrances

Top Unisex Summer Fragrances, For You And Your Significant Other

This summer season, the perfume shelves are packed full with brilliant scents by some of the most artistic perfume houses in the perfumery realm. Contained in the most beautiful bottles and with scented notes that smell totally different from everything we are used to.

But best of all, these fragrances are not overly fruity sweet, steering away from the mainstream olfactive current, and effectively erasing the border between masculine and feminine fragrance labeling. We present you three interesting fragrances that you can share with your significant other:

Tardes by Carner Barcelona

Tardes By Carner BarcelonaTardes is a piece of Mediterranean that you strip off an old Barcelona building and put on your skin.

Tardes by Carner Barcelona has all the essential ingredients of a luxury fragrance: fabulous notes that eschew the forced sweet scents in favor of the natural style; a romantic backdrop of almonds; tonka beans and plum where the top accord is flaunted, and rose aplenty. The drydown matches up too, with its own beautiful olfactive layer not to mention the performance of the most beautiful star of the fragrance: heliotrope.

The description sounds deceptively feminine, and this fragrance has enough charm to seduce even those specimens of the stronger sex who cannot tolerate floral notes in their aftershave. What’s more, they will be reaching for this liquid gold more often than they are comfortable to admit.

Rain by Commodity

Commodity RainPeople who love the rain also love what a sudden downpour does for all the hidden scents of a front yard garden. All the petals and stems seem to shine with a green, hypnotic vigor that is impossible to walk past without stopping to appreciate.

This light, whispering fragrance first opens with bergamot and lemon verbena, the freshness announced right from the start.

Then the fragrance moves into a floral heart, with jasmine, lotus and freesia acting as a welcoming committee for the miracle that will unfold in just a few minutes. Lotus is in full bloom, while jasmine is shy and hides behind the lotus notes.

And then it happens: the earthy notes, musk, woods and vetiver get drenched in a cool rain and air, with floral oils spilling on the ground.

This smells so comforting, relaxing and zen-like. And the most important part is that Commodity Rain stays close to the skin.

Equally seducing and gentle, this fragrance calls for scented equality.

Thirdman Eau ModerneEau Moderne by Thirdman

Eau Moderne by Thirdman has a pronounced note of bergamot and iris, reviving the whispering neroli and lime combo vibrating with woodsy notes that are hidden in the depths.
We love this eau de cologne because it’s a fragrant shot of energy, fun and the epitome of this worldly life’s freshness. The real enemy of melancholy. It’s citrusy fragrance done right.


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