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Thursday Scent Mood: Tardes by Carner Barcelona

Tardes Carner Barcelona

Thursday Scent Mood: Tardes by Carner Barcelona

Simply divine fragrance, Tardes Carner Barcelona is an ode to the serene and peaceful summer afternoons spent strolling on La Rambla, with soft salty breeze dusting off the trees and flowers on this popular Barcelona landmark. The sun kisses the pavement, there is coffee and spices in the air, all of these scents highlighting the beauty of the dog days of summer.

Top notes: Egyptian Geranium, Bulgarian Rose, Rosewood, Almond.

Heart: Virginian Cedarwood, Celery, Plum.

Base:Venezuelan Tonka Bean, Musk, Heliotrope.

Tardes Carner Barcelona

When Sara Carner, the founder of Carner Barcelona talks about her childhood, about Barcelona as a perpetual scented leitmotif and the fragrances that honor her unique legacy, she always starts with Tardes.

In the exclusive blog post My Scented Story, which you can read if you click here, this is what Sara says about Tardes:

One of my first perfumes, TARDES, created by Daniella Andrier, is about the importance of nature during my childhood; you can feel the warmth of a summer Mediterranean afternoon through its notes. – Sara Carner, founder of Carner Barcelona

And she is right.

I feel like Tardes is a piece of Mediterranean that you strip off an old Barcelona building and put on your skin.

Tardes by Carner Barcelona has all the essential ingredients of a luxury fragrance: fabulous notes that eschew the forced sweet scents in favour of the natural style; a romantic backdrop of almonds; tonka beans and plum where the top accord is flaunted, and rose aplenty. The drydown matches up too, with its own beautiful olfactive layer not to mention the performance of the most beautiful star of the fragrance: heliotrope.

Tardes Carner Barcelona

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