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Take Me To Christmas Party: La Vie Est Belle by Lancome

La Vie Est Belle Scentbird1

Take Me To Christmas Party: La Vie Est Belle by Lancome


Hello, my name La Vie Est Belle. My creator calls me a bottle of happiness, because there is a smile captured inside my crystal.

This Christmas deck your halls and wrists with me, and I promise you a very, very merry and festive day.

I radiate silkiness and gentleness, boasting refined notes of white musk, orange blossom and pure patchouli essence along with blends of tonka bean, warm vanilla and praline.

If this hasn’t set your heart aflutter, it’s only because I haven’t told you all about my secret weapon: my essence contains the Iris Pallida – the rarest, most precious flower in the world.

I am a show-stopping sweet finish to every party, because I am the perfume with a serious wow factor.

Some say I am so sweet, they want to spoil their diet and eat me. But you know what? I am every dieter’s wingman, because nothing smells more delicious than yours truly, except for your mother’s cooking. If you ever crave something sweet and enticing, just smell your wrists and imagine yourself sailing on a cotton-candy cloud.

I also make a great Christmas present. I am dark, sexy, rich, thoughtful, and I proclaim: Life is truly beautiful.

La Vie Est Belle Scentbird

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