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Take Me To Christmas Party: Dark Rebel by John Varvatos

Dark Rebel John Varvatos Scentbird

Take Me To Christmas Party: Dark Rebel by John Varvatos

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Hello, my name is Dark Rebel. Judging by the contents of my bottle, you may jump to conclusion that my leathery, tobacco accords can be overbearingly heavy and macho. But not me. The addition of sugar cane brings some sweetness to the smoky flavor, while rum and castoreum give it not so subtly wild, rebellious edge.

If you’re after a warming scent to ease you into the holiday spirit, my spicy, woody composition hits the mark.

The tobacco and leather base gives for a rich depth, while the heart and top notes keep it light, manly and extremely elegant.

Inspired by his prodigal return to Detroit, the master of my creation, John Varvatos has produced an homage to his roots. Full marks to the designer for producing a very elegant scent with timeless appeal, which will go perfectly with the elegant or casual party dress code.

I want you to think of me as an olfactory portrait of the modern man: driven but laid-back type, the one who buys white roses because red are cliché. The rebel in him is latent, but constantly present and channeled through various small endeavors.

Yes, take me to a Christmas dinner party and enjoy the freshness I provide in the overdrive of scents, presents, food and a good time!

Dark Rebel John Varvatos Scentbird

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