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Gourmand Indulgence: Tuscan Fig by Lisa Hoffman

Tuscan Fig1

Gourmand Indulgence: Tuscan Fig by Lisa Hoffman

Like a much anticipated Broadway show, Lisa Hoffman’s Tuscan Fig is a mix of highly praised leading acting notes and a succulent, captivating script.

Velvety Tuscan fig is joined onstage by vanilla bean, honeysuckle, coconut wood and gardenia, creating a sweet yet effervescently sexy performance.

It is indeed a gourmand perfume, but not the one that will transport you into your grandma’s kitchen after a day spent baking your favorite cookies.

It is a wonderful mash up of innocent white florals with sweet fig and vanilla, adding amber and musk for depth and warmth.

The lively floral opening fades away slowly, so the ripe fig and sweet vanilla monologue for a while, warming the florals for their all night, behind the curtain display of talent.

However, when the sweet fig/vanilla flair is being accompanied by the musk, amber and wood troops, a sensual harmony is created.

The enveloping scent of Lisa Hoffman’s fragrant display of Italy, which infuses the air is a real winner in every sense.

The delicate richness of ripe Tuscan fig lends sweetness without weight, resulting in an astounding spray of pure enjoyment that evokes elegance, mischief and intoxicates to the very end.

Tuscan Fig is a very original and hearty gourmand perfume with incredibly rich earthiness. Those of you who expect a heavy, sweet scent will be surprised to discover the other end of the gourmand perfume category spectrum: pure, natural dolce indulgence, without synthetic, nose and brain irritating sweetness.

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