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Smell Good, Feel Good With Mankind by Kenneth Cole

Smell Good Feel Good With Mankind By Kenneth Cole


Smell Good, Feel Good With Mankind by Kenneth Cole


The fragrance for jumpstarting the day or ending it on a high note, Mankind is the cologne for super-driven men from all walks of life. This scent is ambition’s fragrant sidekick, celebrating the evolution of body, mind and scent, and their initiation into acknowledged manhood. Created to reflect the need for simplified elegance, the grassy citrus and unpredictable tonka bean will rock everyone’s world.

Mankind gives a sensually unfettered performance worthy of admiration and brings you a litany of compliments…

A scented attestation to the unyielding power of lavender and spice collaboration, Mankind by Kenneth Cole proves that just a hint of sweetness can be incredibly sexy, yet undeniably masculine. Featuring a vibrant, dynamic, energetic Italian lemon, the opening cuts right to the chase: the provocative coriander seeds announces the aromatic theme from start.

The center of the composition is versatile, with floral, fruity and oriental notes such as plum wood, lavender, clary sage, and vanilla infusion enhancing this profound offbeat background. The heart supports the the sweetness of the base notes, the edgy coumarin notes rides freely on the woodsy wagon straight to dry-down.

Mankind By Kenneth Cole1

Amber woods, white moss, and musks should dominate, but rules are made to be broken, so lavender is the note that takes charge and leads this olfactive proof of masculinity.

With its classically structured and traditionally executed nature, Kenneth Cole’s Mankind should fit in the clean, been-there-done-that category of men’s fragrances. Yet the little unexpected fragrant twists that develop throughout the scent’s progression are the reason why it is reserved only for the best specimen of the mankind.

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