Perfumes Inspired By France


Perfumes Inspired By France

Kartandtinki1_France-Wallpaper_02France has been a perpetual inspiration to world’s greatest artisans and musicians, so why would perfumers be immune to this charm?

As a matter of fact, some of the best perfumes around have been motivated by the French elegance, sophistication, culture and landscapes.

Oh la la la Parisienne! Yves Saint Laurent’s scent-laden course in style

Impeccable style, neatly tied scarves, great hair and plenty of nonchalant charm are the hallmarks of French women.

And all of these trademarks alone are sufficient to launch an avalanche of olfactory inspirations and loud sighs.Scentbird Parisienne

With a perfume like YSL Parisienne, you know that you can have the world at your feet.

The inspiration for Parisienne is the woman for whom luxury is the way she wears the clothes, instead of its price tag or name. She never over-clutters her style with accessories and goes for less is always more!

In the jewelry aisle, she picks love and simplicity. In the make up department, red lipstick is obligatory! Comfort is style’s favorite sister!

She always look effortlessly chic, and the one thing she never leaves her apartment without is her self-appreciation!

La Vie Est Belle, Tres Tres Belle

French women are never slaves to trends. And this Lancome perfume states this. French women enjoy liberty to break from conventions, to live life freely, to enjoy their womanly perks.La Vie Est Belle Scentbird

While the rest of the world chooses coffee as preferred gossip fuel, French women opt for wine.

They choose old bikes, they choose to show public affection.

La vie est belle exudes complexity and sensuality, liberty and individuality. You are free.

Spray this perfume when you feel like the world around you is stifling and the air is stale. Spray this perfume to get on your own track, no matter how far from the main road it is.

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