Perfumes Inspired by England


Perfumes Inspired by England

With its luscious greens and and romantic heroes, England is the muse that inspired some of the finest perfumes which have found their places on the vanity tables of many women around the world.

Just like England, these perfumes are heavy with contradictions, with surprising notes, unexpected dry downs and exciting outcomes.

In the country where tea and beer are preferred leisure beverages, drinking coffee is sort of revolutionary defiance act. Just like not wearing perfume on a formal dinner!

But in the 21st century, this is changing. London has become Europe’s melting pot, embracing various cultures and national heritage traits, taking them under its carefully ironed wing.

England inspired perfumes are woven with olfactory punk notes, rain washed roses and tartan patterns.


Marc Jacobs is the ultimate all American designer, but this does not stop him from launching a perfume inspired by meadows found in England.

This perfume is inspired by the casual femininity, by daydreaming,the love for the great outdoors, for picnics on blankets, for fun in the rain filled muddles.

The perfume also has a comforting vibe, like warm chamomile tea enjoyed in a garden after the rain has decided to make an impromptu visit to your flowers.

It is a clean perfume, which agrees with the English weather 100%.


In London, over 300 languages are spoken on a daily basis. In London perfume, there are over 300 ingredients that make it special.

Rose, the center stage note is the English language. It slides on your tongue like an ice on a scorching summer day, yet you are not oblivion to the rest of the notes/languages.

When combined together, you get the real London. The green ponds and busy streets filled with incredibly tasty food stands, and the smirk of Paris over the canal.

Burberry’s London is an olfactory marvel: lovely, rich,       sweet honeysuckle and jasmine, aromatic, and dreamy. It is fresh yet rich, like London’s avant-garde culture and sophistication, the inheritance of the old days.

A really lovely springy floral that is as soft and silky as English rose’s petals perfumes!

BURBERRY My Burberry

Inspired by the iconic trench coat, this perfume exudes British poise and elegance. This perfume is England in olfactory personification.

It has undeniable freshness, courtesy of the floral notes, yet there is the sourly sweet intrusion of the sweet pea.

It’s like a ride through the English countryside, like hopping from one city to another, and all of the notes are blended together, yet they are distinctive, like various dialects spoken.

They appear from time to time, always composed, always polite, never trying to creep up close to you, to invade your personal space.

This perfume will follow you, like an olfactory umbrella, which you use when the clouds are threatening you with shower alfresco. It will be your silent accessory, always court and very, very English.

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