Perfumes Inspired by India

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Perfumes Inspired by India

Image Courtesy Of Dennis Jarvis
Image Courtesy of Dennis Jarvis

India has been perfumers’ leitmotif for many  years. Luckily for us, this fixation has resulted in a vast array of perfumes.

All of these perfumes exude romantically seductive spirits and oriental mysticism.

They tell the story of a primordial conflict of reason versus passion, of yearning.

Cashmere Mist Eau de Toilette by Donna Karan

83402Inspired by the soft, sensual feeling of cashmere hair against bare skin, Cashmere Mist is a perfume that will pamper all of your senses. It is a love story of the skin which yearns for the cuddling of cashmere hairs.

It is a warm, comforting, cuddling and powdery perfume, perfect for the women who are not big fans of floral and fruity perfumes.

Omnia Indian Garnet by Bvlgari

Omnia Indian GarnetWhile Shalimar is an olfactory monument to a great love story, Omnia Indian Garnet is an olfactory ode to the woman who inspired it all.

Just like the main elements, tuberose and saffron, Mumtaz was strong and determined. She had a yearning femininity, a trait so common among Indian women across the subcontinent.

The color of the perfume alone is a clear reminder of India: the scorching orange, an attempt to capture the vibrant spirit of the people, the smells, poetic passages and the colors of India.

Image Courtesy Of Madhan R/Flickr
Image courtesy of madhan r/flickr

This perfume brings memories of flowing, careless glitzy sarongs with bead trimmings and free love. It also exudes nobility and elegance, with an unrelenting feminine pride.

This perfumes successfully captures the vibe of India, the same country that triggered Colombus’ imagination of a country where the women wear extravagant jewelry pieces, where the sand is nuanced in yellow, orange and beige and the spices fill the air.

Un Jardin Apres La Mousson by Hermes

08303240106After a downpour, especially one that breaks a long dry spell, the world smells different. It smells intense, translucent and alluring.

Hermes’ iconic fragrance smells of all the India’s renowned spices: ginger, pepper, cardamom and coriander.

It is a comforting scent, one that brings you home, one that makes you wonder of the ships that once carried these spices, with a promise of a land that lies hidden beyond the seven seas.

It smells of a beautiful marketplace with bags of spices, and vendors with inviting smiles, beckoning you to smell their merchandise. It smells of a garden after a rain.

Image Courtesy Of Luis Sarabia/Flickr
Image courtesy of Luis Sarabia/Flickr

The perfume conjures an image of a couple road tripping across India, caught in the midst of the ravaging powers of the monsoon.

Her hair smells of this perfume, and his hands smell like the spice blend he picked up from the market.

They are happy, knowing that the passion is intensified by the rain, and the love shines clear, like the sky that follows the monsoon.

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