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Perfume of the Day: Omnia Indian Garnet by Bvlgari


Perfume of the Day: Omnia Indian Garnet by Bvlgari

Bvlgari Omnia Indian Garnet Perfume

Omnia Indian Garnet woman is an inventor. With every journey, she reinvents herself. She reinvents herself with every shivering of the railway track, with every smile of a stranger passing by, with every morning that awakes in the emerald lake sky spilled over clouds.

She finds herself inside every step she has taken in a land that she doesn’t call her own. She loves travelling, exploring, conquering new landscapes and her fears.

She has learnt that not all clouds are messengers of rainstorms and that every sun ray beams differently.

She is bewitched by every mystical folklore legend she hears and she knows that life’s seriousness is just a point of view.

All of her ups and downs are just a pieces of a jigsaw, and she has the power to see the bigger picture.

This is how Bvlagri’s Omnia Indian Garnet perfume will make you feel: Fresh, Mystical, Determined!

Notes: mandarin, orange, osmanthus flower and amber.

Style: Sensual citrusy fresh perfume for those women infected with a wanderlust bug and a landlocked reality!

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