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Perfume of the Day: Tresor Midnight Rose by Lancome2 min read

11/25/2014 < 1 min read

Perfume of the Day: Tresor Midnight Rose by Lancome2 min read

Reading Time: < 1 minuteTresor Midnight Rose Lancome Perfume

Midnight Rose woman is an investor. She invests in life, she invests in love, she invests in emotions.

She finds love to be a mysterious book filled with laughter, cliffhangers and end that takes a dedication to be discovered. She finds love to be intoxicating, so she is a love addict.

You will find the Midnight Rose woman to be inconspicuous, soft, but once you truly see her, you will find her to be unforgettable.

You will recognize her by her dreams of a White Christmas, Easy SummerTime Livin’ and her love for a black and white movies.

You will not capture her heart with a love game of hide and seek, because her heart is an X-Ray: It finds love in the most hidden places.

You will capture her heart with a midnight kiss, that will linger through the break of dawn, through the end of times!

This is how Lancome’s Tresor Midnight Rose perfume will make you feel: Charming. Mischievous. Desirable!

Notes: raspberry, rose, cassis, pink pepper, vanilla!

Style: Sexy sweet fruity perfume made for flirting, writing the first chapters of brief love affairs and love stories written in stone!

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