Perfume of the Day

Perfume of the Day: London by Burberry

Burberry London Perfume

Perfume of the Day: London by Burberry

Burberry London Perfume

London woman is unique, original, trendy! Her rhythm pulsates together with the beat of this old town with vibratingly young spirit!

Her style is urban chic and the moment you see her, you can actually hear London calling in your head. She is a fashion daredevil and possesses a bit of old school punk attitude, hidden in the crevice of her heart.

She loves the smell of old books and many times falls down the rabbit hole, every time emerging with new knowledge.

London woman is a heroine and she is the dream of every urban guy! She is independent, and intends on keeping her independence, even when her  finger is entrapped in a golden rim!

London woman is an urban goddess, with a black leather jacket and red stilettos, with raindrops on her face and poise of a Greek Goddess!

This is how Burberry’s London perfume will make you feel: Cosmopolitan, Trendy, Chic!

Notes: jasmine, honeysuckle, rose, tangerine, peony!

Style: Cosmopolitan urban chic perfume for the urban queens!

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