November Birthdays: Personality Traits + Perfume Matches

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November Birthdays: Personality Traits + Perfume Matches

Born in November?  We’ve rounded up the fragrances that will suit your personality best:

Personality traits:

  • People born in this month, tend to be very private about their feelings, but that doesn’t stop them from offering their shoulder to lean on for people in need;
  • They are the life of every party;
  • November-born babies are very diligent and finish every task they start;
  • They are adventurous and like to take the road less traveled.
Olfactory match: Dahlia & Vines by Nest Fragrances for her and Journey Man by Amouage for him

ScentbirdWith notes of peony, narcissus and rose, Dahlia & Vines is elegant, sensual and perfect for evening. Juicy grape accords are balanced with musk in a delish floral medley perfect for fall – and winter.

Why you’ll love it: Celebrating your birthday at the beginning of holiday season means you’ll appreciate perfumes that are both flirtatious and sophisticated, perfect for every party.

Journey ManJourney Man by Amouage is a peppery aromatic scent: a mix of juniper berries and leather lavishly dusted with Sichuan pepper, cardamom and incense. The tobacco note enhances the spicy element of the fragrance, while the tonka bean adds a hint of sweetness.

Why you’ll love it: It’s a bold, rich mix that works perfectly in a dimly-lit bar or a black-tie event in the fall/winter season.

Bonus match:Velvet Lavender by EB Florals by Eric Buterbaugh

Eb Florals LavenderAromatic notes of Provence lavender evolve into a voluptuous scent enveloped in bourbon vanilla, clary sage and apricot. Unforgettably alluring, this fresh spicy is deep, but never overpowering.

Why you’ll love it: This creation is all warmth and sensuality, balance and intrigue, says Eric Buterbaugh, and we’re unsure if he’s talking about the scent or you.

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    Tracie Savage

    Just got my 1st delivery I absolutely love the Versace and also received a Burberry that I am not so crazy about but now I know!!! Love this idea !!! Its great for trying new things which i love at a fraction of the cost! #scentbird

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