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Fragrance Playlists Are A Thing



Fragrance Playlists Are A Thing

Work. Work. Work. Work.

Here at the Scentbird HQ – ahem, the new Scentbird HQ – we listen to playlists all day long: commuting to the office, working on a project, running at the gym, and finally, heading home after a long day. And you can be sure we’ve got a fragrance atomizer – or two – with us at all times, because you never know when your crew’s going decide to do happy hour at that new speakeasy downtown. Planning ahead can be challenging, that’s why we created fragrance playlists. Each playlist has 12 scents that members can add to his/her queue all at once. Then, you can delete scents and rearrange the list in the order you want to try them!

Maybe you’re looking for day-to-night perfumes? We’ve got that. Perhaps, you want to build up your collection of sporty colognes? We hear you. So far, we’ve curated twelve playlists,, and we will be updating regularly – so, stay tuned! Here’s a sneak peek of some of our office hits.

Work. Spray. Slay.

Whether you prefer a lush petals, bright citrus or warm coffee notes, we’ve rounded up the best scents to upgrade your cubicle.

Mix includes:

Glossier: You

Joya: Foxglove

Rag & Bone: Neroli

Ultimate Office Pro:

This list is about keeping cool on the clock with refreshing aquatic notes, citruses and a few subtle florals.

Mix includes:

Burberry: Mr. Burberry

Eight & Bob: The Original

Kenneth Cole: Mankind

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