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Naughty But Nice Fragrances

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Naughty But Nice Fragrances


You are in a predicament.

You want to get the attention of that certain someone.

But all you have are girly fruity fragrances. They may work for other activities, but you are in need of that certain perfume that is provocative and yet sweet.

Have no fear!

Here are five fragrances that will have that special someone smitten at the sight of you.

Eros Pour Femme By Versace Scentbird

Eros Pour Femme by Versace

The name says it all: Eros. This is for the girl who wants to be a sexy Cinderella for one night. A spicy floral scent, it is the integration of lemon and jasmine that make it a scintillating allure for the wearer. Its sweetness lies in woodsy spiced accords to show you are not that wicked. Perfect for parties, everyone may stop what they are doing when you arrive.

Forbidden Affair By Anna Sui Scentbird

Forbidden Affair by Anna Sui

Eros may be the go to perfume for confidence, but Forbidden Affair by Anna Sui is a brazen unashamed scent that is the rebel of the Anna Sui family. Like every rebel, they have a sweet side which is shown in Forbidden Affair with notes of black and red currant mixed with the rebellious raspberry note.This scent may not be for everyone, but if that special someone loves Forbidden Affairs, he’s a keeper.

Manifesto By Yves Saint Laurent Scentbird

Manifesto by Yves Saint Laurent

Manifesto is a declaration of being courageous and self-confident every day. The scent begins with green notes, jasmine and black currant. Then its signature seduction begins with woodsy notes of cedar and sandalwood. This perfume will do more than give you the bravery to finally talk to your crush. It will give you the poise to ace that presentation at work, skydive, or whatever you want to conquer.

Chocolat Mat By Masaki Matsushima Scentbird

Chocolat Mat by Masaki Matsushima

They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and if he’s a chocolate lover, this fragrance might help you seal the deal. Chocolat Mat is an unusual fragrance because it contains dark chocolate. But its audacity to use the popular dessert will make you stand from the crowd. In addition to chocolate and cacao pod notes, its base notes are coconut, musk and sandalwood for a not too sweet scent guaranteed to make you delectable to your sweetheart.

Carven L'absolu By Carven Parfums Scentbird

Carven L’Absolu by Carven Parfums

Carven L’Absolu by Carven Parfums is not for the faint of heart. For this fragrance will bring out the animal magnetism in any sweet girl. With strong notes like patchouli, ylang-ylang and iris, this scent becomes more exotic with jasmine and labdanum. The hint of sandalwood is faint but your confidence will be strongly present throughout wearing this. Proceed with caution when using L’Absolu to charm and allure.

Get ‘Em All on Scentbird

Irresistibility is a matter of confidence, and there is no confidence booster like the one coming from a perfume bottle.

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