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Bad Girl’s Good Perfume Choices

Mad Madame

Bad Girl’s Good Perfume Choices


This is the era of bad girls. The modern bad girl etiquette includes lack of delusionary romantic visions, skilful flirtations and using her own head for thinking.

She chooses her outfit, the music she wants to listen or play, she chooses the men and enjoys being the hunter, rather than being a love pray.

She is given a bad rap for having the nerve to compete on an equal footing in tequila drinking with men, for having the audacity of coming up with compelling reasons why she didn’t call him the next morning.

She is open, direct and proudly stands for everything she believes in. She won’t sell you illusions, with her what you see is what you get.

Bad girls have all the fun, make some bad choices, but make the best ones when it comes to perfume.


Her perfume choices as it follows:

Mad Madame by Juliette Has A Gun


Mad Madame Jhag

This bad girl chooses rose as her weapon of choice: it is beautiful, delicate and with sharp thorns, so do not get fooled by its fragility.

This madam paints the town red, her favorite color. She is the stunning lady sitting alone at the bar, drinking bourbon and painting her nails.

The men chase her, but they won’t get her, she writes the rules and wins at the game every time.

“For Mad Madame I wanted to pay tribute to a woman who dares, a woman slightly more mature than the previous episodes, but by no means better behaved”—Romano Ricci, Brand Founder and Perfumer

The composition is drenched in extravagant, audacious rose with notes of Blackcurrant Bud Absolute, Ambroxan as its sidekicks.

Unique, original, the scent echoes like her whiplash on a bare skin.

Night by Judith Leiber

Night By Judith Leiber Scentbird

This bad girls is quirky with uncanny ability to make you think about her. She is alluring and evading, mysterious to say the least.

She will throw you at your feet, then look into your eyes. She is as convincing as Eve, making you reach for the forbidden fruit, make you break all the rules, because that’s what they are created originally.

Night is the proof that modern perfumery offers everyone the chance to channel someone whose qualities they put on a pedestal.

When I think about this perfume, I project an image of a woman who wears long fur coat, but she’s naked beneath it, toying with a single golden chain around her neck.

Her charm is the only thing that she needs for the ultimate seduction.

Black Orchid by Tom Ford

Black Orchid By Tom Ford Scentbird

She is the black sheep in the family, which is what you can say for black orchid.

She is strong, with tomboy qualities, but her signature is Daddy’s Little Gurl. She is sophisticated and sultry, became loved only when she learned to live being hated. If she hurts you, which she will, please know it’s her way of teaching you a lesson at life.

Women throw imaginary poison arrows in her direction, but men cocoon her with kisses.

If you want to label her, please write: without added double standards and fake morals.

Maitresse by Agent Provocateur

Maitresse By Agent Provocateur Scentbird

Sex in a bottle is what this scent is. When she wears this, she feels like she can seduce even the Pope. When she wears this perfume, the guy at the bakery gives her an extra muffin, on the house.

She gives him her number.

There is a nude self-portrait of her hanging in the living room, which she proudly displays. She enjoys being her, with all of her eccentricities and egocentricities. She buys her own flowers and chocolate.

Some call her the other woman, she calls herself lover. She juggles men like the skilful circus gongler she is.

Yes, she is a bad girl, but it is the choice she made for herself.

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