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Carven Pour Homme by Carven Parfums: Debonair Elegance

Carven Pour Homme


Carven Pour Homme by Carven Parfums: Debonair Elegance

Carven Pour Homme By Carven Parfums


Carven Pour Homme is а rakishly elegant fragrance gilded with the promise of a fresh and lasting impression, a fragrant display of masculine versatility.

It’s a portrait of olfactory metamorphosis: at first there is a storm of freshness in the form of a citrusy blast, followed by a field of violet leaf, exploding triumphantly into a fanfare of bestowing spicy/woody scents.

This subtle blend of poise and audacity opens with a familiar citrus introduction, announcing that grapefruit is in attendance. When the citrus settles, the violet leaf opens up completely, covering you like a canopy.

In the heart of the composition, nutmeg whirrs calmly on a familiar track of Parisian cobblestone, while sage and cedar gallop into the next phase, the dry down.

The base is all about the raw, wayward vetiver and sandalwood notes ascending regally into a casual spicy/woody heaven.

Carven Pour Homme speaks of quiet masculinity and a relaxed ease, about wearing a fragrance for the sake of pleasing oneself. It’s a cologne that pulls you into its orbit, hovering over in an elegant guard.

It’s an addictive scent, the one that lets your personality do all the talking, while the cologne accentuates your personal style.

Carven Pour Homme

Carven Pour Homme by Carven Parfums  on Scentbird

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