The Epoch of Renaiscents

The Epoch Of Renaiscents
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The Epoch of Renaiscents

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In today’s society we have something marvelous called the shower!

There are endless brands of shampoos, conditioners, body scrubs, shower gels, and bath salts to make the experience all the more enjoyable.

In the Medieval Times, which lasted from the 5th to 15th centuries, people were not as fortunate. Due to lack of sanitary water, men and women were not able to bathe as often as we do currently.

So, they had no other choice but get creative…

Often times bathing was only readily available to those of higher class or status. We panic when a piece of seaweed brushes against our feet in the beach or a piece of rubbish does so on the city streets.

Cleaning yourself in the Medieval Age oftentimes meant dumping unsanitary water on you or finding the nearest lake to jump in. Can you imagine having to enter a bath after four people already washed off their filth into it?

Unfortunately, back then it was the reality of everyday hygiene. By now you are probably thinking that these men and women must have smelled like a crowded NYC subway car on a hot summer day. Not really…

Women in the Medieval Times did not have Eau de Parfum but they had creativity.

As a young girl, I would go to my grandmother’s garden and pick flowers. I wanted to be like mama and smell fabulous, so I smashed the flowers and inserted the ‘flower water’ on my skin. My grandmother was not happy, but I certainly smelled terrific.

Women in the Medieval Epoch experimented with scented herbs and oils from flowers to create an enjoyable fragrance. Musk from Valerian plants were widely used to diminish foul odor. Rose water and cloves from tropical trees were also common to create fragrances.

Medieval Times are often misunderstood by many. Even though there was a lack of cleanliness due to the circumstances, men and women used their resources wisely.

We can now take it for granted that we have the ability to look and smell amazing thanks to the widespread availability of clean water and the vast array of perfumes and fragrances obtainable via stores and online shopping.

Women in the Medieval Times were not much different than women today. We all want to smell and look fabulous, perhaps with a glass of wine (yes, they had wine as well). Wine and perfume – what more could a woman ask for?

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