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My Favorite Yoga Perfume: Rain by Commodity

Yoga Perfume

My Favorite Yoga Perfume: Rain by Commodity

If you want to be surrounded by inspiring scents while you do your asana poses, then you can contemplate using this little scented marvel, Rain by Commodity.

I call it a scented marvel because it captures successfully the scent of rain. You know that scent of soaked earth and various floral oils released in the air, delivered straight to your door by the unsuspected postman, the storm.

It first opens with bergamot and lemon verbena, the freshness announced right from the start.

Then the fragrance moves into a floral heart, with jasmine, lotus and freesia as a welcoming committee for the miracle that will unfold in just a few minutes. Lotus is in full bloom, while jasmine is shy and hides behind the lotus notes.

And then it happens: the earthy notes, musk, woods and vetiver get drenched in a cool rain and air, with floral oils spilling on the ground. This smells so comforting, relaxing and zen-like. And the most important part is that Commodity Rain stays close to the skin.

Yoga Perfume

When you do your asanas, it won’t pinch your nose and demand attention. It will rather stay behind you and direct you towards that place of calmness. Knowing that Commodity chooses only the most quality ingredients, the oils they implement in the fragrances have a propensity to lock the perfume molecules and gradually releasing them.

In my opinion, Rain is the fragrance you want to wear while you do your yoga. You will smell divine and will get the feeling that you are working out in the Amazon, sans the annoying insects bites.

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