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Floral Perfumes: In Service of Beauty and Health

Floral Perfumes

Floral Perfumes: In Service of Beauty and Health

Fragrant and delightful, flowers’ practicality goes way beyond scents and looks. In these modern times, where medical advances are announced with the speed of light, the simplistic restorative power of flowers remains unrivaled. So, it turns out, floral is not only the sexiest perfume category, but the healthiest also.

Health has never smelled so amazing!

And now I don’t want to gild the lily, however I want to shout from the rooftops: Oops a daisy, floral perfumes are good for our health and our beauty, too!

But before this whole thing turns into a story of me leading you up the garden path, I should tell you there is a catch. The healthiest boost your floral perfume can give you beside sexiness is best achieved through synergy with floral-based skin care products.

In addition to giving the skin care ritual an amazing scent, floral scents are working hard and succeeding in targeting various skin issues ranging from inflammation, fine lines to acne and dry skin.

Keep on reading to find out which floral skin+perfume combo works best for you.


Rose Essentielle By BvlgariRose: Fights dryness, reduces redness, rejuvenates and boosts confidence

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” And be just as healthy, if I dare to spin Shakespeare, which I do not. Thanks to its specific combination of various components, rose extract has unique ability to heal broken blood vessels on the skin and fight off free radicals, which are the number one culprit for skin aging.

Rose extract boosts self esteem, confidence, and mental strength while efficiently elevating the levels of serotonin, a.k.a. the happiness hormone.

If you have forgotten how to set the pink shade on your glasses, I suggest you try Rose Essentielle by Bvlgari. Velvety, delicate and feminine, the rose notes are marching into the air, engulfing you and demanding that you see La Vie En Rose unfolding in front of you.

Aromatics Elixir By CliniqueChamomile: Diminishes swelling, puffiness, inflammation and induces calmness

Similar to rose, chamomile is known for its magic powers when it comes to fighting skin dryness and inflammation. Winter can be harsh on our skin, so if you are experiencing dry skin issues, hunt for skin products where natural chamomile extract is the active ingredient.

On the other hand, if your life is a bit hectic, try starting your morning with Aromatics Elixir by Clinique.

Clinique’s iconic perfume, Aromatic Elixir is a strong and sharp scent with unique character. The chamomile note is especially in charge of filling you up with energy and helping you to focus on your priorities.

St. Martin By NateevaHibiscus: Revives skin, boosts metabolism and fights off anxiety

Boasting very high dosage of both anti-aging alphahydroxy acids AHA and amino acids, is it any wonder how hibiscus based skin care products can work miracles on your skin? Hibiscus is the staple ingredient of Asian predominantly Chinese skin care industry. The scalp-replenishing and blood circulation–stimulating propensities are just the tip of the iceberg of health benefits of the hibiscus, which also include protection against premature skin aging, skin hydrating and oil control health properties.

Inhaling hibiscus sends direct signal to the satiety center in the brain, so whenever you feel like the hunger monster can never be satisfied, spray a bit of St. Martin by Nateeva on your wrists.  With hibiscus as the leading star of the heart notes, elegance, beauty, health and glamour is guaranteed.

Velvet Lavender By Eb Florals By Eric ButerbaughLavender: Balances oil and stress levels

While many people are fighting the dry skin battle, there are also just as many people on the opposite side of the spectrum who are fighting the excess oil production battle.

It’s good to know that lavender is the top soldier that will win the fight with excess sebum production and put an end to the war once and for all. If your face and hair is shining too brightly because of the over product of oil, start thinking about changing your beauty routine and incorporating lavender based products more frequently in it.

However, if stress is getting the best of you lately and you have trouble sleeping, try spraying just a teeny tiny bit of Velvet Lavender by by EB Florals by Eric Buterbaugh on your pajama sleeves. A floral bouquet which comes off rather strong, so make sure to apply the fragrance at least one hour before bedtime, as the lavender note takes time to shine through in this amazing, unique composition.

In addition to their divine scent and decorative propensities, flowers give us harmony and energy, necessary to overcome stressful situations and let our natural beauty shine through. When these scents are blended and bottled as perfumes, we get the best of nature.
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