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Music Festival Musts: Electric Wood by Room 1015

Electric Wood

Music Festival Musts: Electric Wood by Room 1015

Forget about flower crowns, this festival season is all about thematic and dramatic fragrances. And our pick is rocking, rolling on your skin and it’s surprisingly versatile, too. Oh, and this fragrance is perfect for colder weather, so we’re sure you’ll be wearing it way after the wristbands have been removed.

This fragrance comes from Room 1005, an artistic perfume house with rock’n’roll pedigree as rich as the iconic music festivals lineups.

Inspired by a radical rock aesthetic and the notorious rock’n’roll landmark Room 1015 at the Hyatt Hotel in Los Angeles (where famous bands trashed their hotel room), Room 1015 fragrances encapsulate the larger than life aura and culture of rock’n’roll icons.

Room 1015 compositions are fragrant albums pumped up with energetic notes and rebellious accords, expanding the realms of consciousness.

Room 1015 Electric WoodElectric Wood is in fact inspired by the scent of a vintage Gibson guitar. In this particular case, Electric Wood is exactly what it sounds like – a musky, dry and hot scent that smells like fried circuits, humming metal guitar strings and overheated wood.

Infatuation at first touch, the woodsy body of a Gibson guitar is depicted through ingredients of oak wood and cedar while iris and nutmeg tug heavily on the heartstrings of this fragrance.

Why do we believe this fragrance rocks?

The cedar, iris and sweet, spicy nutmeg will back up whatever plan you come up with – whether you like to keep your music choices as eclectic as your outfit, or you prefer to stay loyal to one music direction, Electric Wood will make sure you feel comfortable and unique in a crowd of people.

Whichever olfactive choices you make, be safe, have fun and we know you’ll smell fantastic.

Oh, and Electric Wood by Room 1015 is unisex, so you are your significant other can share more than just a good night kiss.


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